10 Bad habits that make your hair fall-out


You would never like to hear the world thinning associated with your hair as it is disturbing and discomforting to lose hair and go bald. If you are experiencing hair loss baldness, then do not lose hope are there many ways to correct hair loss and regrow them.

Many factors in our daily life from what we eat to how we style our hair may affect the hair growth and cause hair loss. Specialist at Hair transplant Dubai clinic says that having a thick hair is just about sorting out few daily routine activities.

Here are 10 regular habits that may induce hair loss and how to sort out them.

Having steamy showers

Hot water dehydrates your hair and makes it dry, rough and more prone to breakage. While washing your hair regularly wipes out all the necessary natural oils in the scalp that are important for hair growth, washing your scalp with a hot water is even more harmful than it causes additional breakage.

In order to maintain luscious and thick hair, try to avoid washing your hair every day don’t forget to condition your scalp after getting a shower as it may restore some oiling texture of the hair by nourishing them.

Styling the hair with heating tools

Most of us, especially females use too many electronic tools to style and maintain their hair. These tools exert heat on the hair and clean out the moisture and oily texture in the hair which makes your hair more prone to hair loss. The excessive application of these tools may also weaken your hair follicles and cause hair thinning. That’s why most hair loss experts suggest to let avoid overusing electronic tools for styling and drying your hair.it is better to let your hair dry naturally after the shower to avoid breakage.

Imbalanced diet

Running out of essential nutrients in the body is another major reason for hair loss. Just like other parts of the body, hair also requires a sufficient regular supply of nutrients to maintain its growth cycles. In the case you are a deficit of some of the basic nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, zinc and vitamins, your hair growth will get directly affected from that, which results into hair loss and hair thinning.

Try to consume enough proteins and other nutrients in your daily dieting regimen in order to make sure that your hair getting the right amount of that. If you are having a balanced diet and still losing your hair, then there might be some other culprits behind your hair loss and you may need to consult an expert hair loss specialist for that.

Mishandling the wet hair

The hair becomes more delicate and prone to breakage when it is wet, so dealing with that requires more care. Most of the times, we start combing and styling our hair just after the shower that makes the hair follicles weaker, ultimately cause hair loss. Towel-drying your hair after the shower is also damaging. So, it is better to let your hair dry naturally to avoid any mishap.

Having tight hairstyles

If you are used to wearing tight hairstyles such as ponytail, braids, and weaves, bear in mind that these can sometimes lead to hair loss. The excessive pulling created by these hairstyles weakens your hair follicles and damage them ultimately. So, it is necessary to avoid wearing such hairstyles for a longer period to escape from breakage.

The optimal way to style your hair is to loosen up it a bit and make sure that the hairstyles in not exerting any pulling on the hair. Using a satin cushion while sleeping is optimal that it avoids the scratching and pulling of the hair.

Using unnecessary hair care products

If you are using hair gel, hairspray and other hair care products in your daily hair care routine must cut down their usage as these may also induce hair loss or hair thinning issues. These products are enriched with alcohol that makes your hair dry and delicate, once you comb or brush your hair, that residue causes the breakage.

Taking birth control pills

If you are women and losing your hair due to of unknown reasons, taking birth control oral pills can be the reasons for that. Birth control pills contain androgens, male hormones that are mostly responsible for hair loss a hair thinning in women. So if your hair is sensitive to androgens, taking birth control pills will surely make your hair to fall-out. It is always recommended to use such pills on the prescriptions of your doctor only.

Scratching and rubbing your head

Itchy scalp and dandruff that is caused by seborrheic dermatitis may result into hair loss due to too much scratching. If you having dandruff that makes you scratch your hair too much, it may damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

In the case of dandruff, try to relieve your scalp with a conditioner or shampoo and avoid scratching. Your doctor may also prescribe you some over the counter products in the case of extreme itching.

Excessive exposure to the sun

Exposing yourself excessively to the sun not only makes your skin tan but can also damage your hair. The UV rays eat ways the strength and elasticity of your hair and make it dull and weaker.

Keeping your hair dirty for a prolonged period

While washing the strands so often with a shampoo is not good for the health of hair, keeping it dirty is for a prolonged period is even more damaging. Keeping your hair dirty can give birth to dandruff and so many other impurities in the scalp, which is enough for the hair breakage.

For a good hair care routine, wash your scalp once twice or thrice in a week and make sure to apply conditioner after washing it with the shampoo. This will add moisture in your hair and will help to keep the impurities away from that.


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