12 Products to Help Teach Your Kids about Makeup


‘But, honey, you’re the prettiest just the way you are’! Are you tired of telling this to your teen daughter while she insists on getting makeup, claiming to be old enough to use it! She would tell you how her friends are already using makeup and you should let her use some too. Well, instead of always shunning the ideas of buying any makeup, you should know about some natural makeup options that you could buy to appease her. TDS TV offers an array of children-oriented channels that also include makeup tutorials. You need to see carefully which products they are using. Because even the sincere compliments of parents cannot dull the allure and shine of a vibrant lip-gloss and an eyeshadow. And the truth is there is no wrong or right age to wear makeup. You just need to make sure you get them the right and safe products.

When your girls are on the threshold of adulthood, it is pretty obvious they would take interest in makeup. So whenever they do, discuss with them and help them choose the right products. We are going to suggest some of the safe, cruelty-free makeup products that are just right for your young teens. Take a good look.

  1. Tinted Moisturizing Cream by Lavera

We are staring off with a moisturizer, which is the right sequence of any makeup routine. This amazing product works well under the makeup as well as a stand-alone product. It includes aloe vera, which is a marvelous product for the skin. It also covers redness and blemishes. You need to get your young one this creamy yet lightweight moisturizer.

  1. Lipsticks by KLEE

If she needs a pop of color for the approaching big party or otherwise, get her these amazing lipsticks.  You don’t want her to lose the softness of the skin with chemical-laden products. So, choose KLEE Girls mineral makeup lipsticks, which are formulated with 100% natural and organic ingredients.  They don’t even contain a speck of the harmful chemical gunk.

  1. Eyeshades Palette by Kat Von D Beauty

This brand is cruelty-free, vegan and also, fairly priced. Their palettes offer neutrals, nudes, bold, and colorful shades that are just right for your young daughter. Get her a nice palette and let her play with the colors.

  1. Brushes by Hourglass

Hourglass has a full range of brushes, which is made from synthetic Taklon hair and are 100% vegan. Brushes are essentially needed to put on any sort of makeup so, get her a nice brush set of the said brand.

  1. WonderGlow Primer by Charlotte Tilbury

Primer is to be applied before the foundation in order to prep the skin for makeup. If you are quality-conscious, go for this amazing vegan brand and get your hands on the WonderGlow primer for your baby girl.

  1. Born This Way Foundation by Estee Lauder

All shades of this amazing foundation are available in the market. Again, Estee Lauder products boast of their vegan status. And since the foundation is considered one of the basics of makeup routines, you need to get one.

  1. Lowlight Highlight Palette Pressed by Becca

Becca is known for some amazing highlighters. This cruelty-free, vegan brand manufactures a whole makeup line; their highlighters are the best out of all its products. Get one for your girl.

  1. In Bloom Palette by Tarte

Tarte is another brand that offers makeup free of synthetic fragrance, parabens, GMOs, petrochemicals, and gluten. Get the In Bloom Palette as it is getting a lot of love.

  1. Total Cover Cream Foundation Cover FX

This is another entry for a foundation. Cover FX offers concealers and foundations in a good number of undertones and shades. It is formulated especially for sensitive skin, rosacea, acne, and other skin conditions. Their Total Cover Cream is available in 28 shades, and is perfect for teens too.   All Cover FX products boast of their 100% vegan status.

10.Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Known for their Lip Tars and pigmented liquid lipsticks, this brand also offers vegan and safe cosmetics that are just right for the young skin. You can also get their brushes and nail polishes.

11.Lipsticks by Bite

Their lipsticks contain comparatively lesser harmful ingredients than the rest of the mainstream brands. Also, their lipsticks are highly pigmented and in a number of shades.

  1. Products by the Balm

The Balm offers quality makeup with amazing packaging and a retro feel. Top picks of this brand include their glow highlighter called Mary-Lou Manizer, their Bahama Mama Bronzer, and Nude Tude palette.

Internet never fails to enlighten us with helpful reviews about every product that is there in the market. And when it’s about your young daughter, you should always be extra cautious. So, dial TDS customer service number and subscribe to an internet package. Always read user testimonials and reviews about every product online before you buy it.


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