4 Beginners’ Photography Tips that You Simply cannot Miss before Going to China Tour


A photography tour is to unleash various sides of life. By backpacking across different places, you can keep yourself closer to nature and culture. And, what could be easier than taking photos and saving the moment forever? Putting in a simple way, photography is educational and entertaining at the same time. The like-minded travelers in the tour can enhance the level of adventure. As there are multiple reasons for going out on a photography tour, the place selection leaves a huge impact. In this context, China needs a special mention.

China has been welcoming people utterly passionate about photography for a long time. With the surplus variety of flora and fauna, the land promises an enchanting experience to all. Do you wish to capture the colorful valleys or spot endemic rare species? Or, introduce yourself to Tibetan customs? The country has all the answers. However, the amateurs may not know certain things. Before taking off for your China photography tour, every beginner should keep the following things in mind.

Gathering Knowledge of the Area

Without gathering knowledge of the place, you cannot prepare yourself properly. Are you going to visit Qinghai plateau? Then you must prepare yourself to take photographs of Tibetan gazelle, snow leopards, Himalayan marmots, and Argali sheep. Therefore, wildlife photography should be on high priority. Again, if you are set to explore Yunnan, Gansu, and Sichuan provinces, the landscape photography around Ruoergai, Tibetan grassland, and Jiuzhai Valley should be on your itinerary list.

Therefore, your camera gears will change accordingly. In case, you wish to get a different local taste, try your hands on portrait photography. The ethnic communities around Yunnan can unveil a different aspect of life before you.

Taking a Travel Tripod where You Go

A travel photography tour is incomplete without a lightweight travel tripod. Thanks to the tripod, you can easily fix the camera position. As you have the camera placed at a place, achieving the perfect composition is not a distant memory. It becomes easier to control exposure, adjust focus, and experiment with panorama, HDR, or focus stacking. Another interesting technique to follow is the low shutter speed. So, reduce the sensor noise with low ISO and small aperture to get great shots. Since there is no fun in photography without manual settings, the role of a tripod is essential.

Selecting Human Elements

In order to have a wholesome photographic experience, the human elements are not to be missed. However, excelling at involving humans in the composition may be a difficult task to do. The problem may be with the inclusion of a stranger in the frame. Once you shoot Tibetans in their working mode, you can grow a different flavor of photography. It naturally becomes visually engaging and develops a sense of scale. Now your model may get startled with your camera and gears. To capture candid shots, smartphones and tablets are useful.

Being Patient till the End

You are wandering across Dujiangyan panda base. Your wish is to shoot pandas in their mischief mode. However, you are only observing the ones binging on bamboo shoots or taking long naps. After traveling all the way from another part of the world, can you back down now? At this stage, you have no other option than not losing hope and being patient. As patience is a virtue, you can dedicate your focus and time. When you are hiking around Grand Shangri-La Snow Mountain, wait for the clouds to take the eye-pleasing spot. Who knows, only after waiting for 15 minutes, you can insert more meaning to your composition? So, don’t hurry to take photos. Patience is the only solution to get a fantastic photo opportunity.

So, if you are ready to apply the above-mentioned tips in your real, get your tickets for Chengdu day tour now.

Author bio: Victoria Anderson, a travel blogger interested in photography, has written how to capture pandas during Chengdu day tour. Here, she mentions 4 tips to improve your skills before the China photography tour.


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