5 Different Sustainable Outfits For All Personalities


Sustainable fashion is one of the most debated and discussed topics today. With the awareness to be eco-friendly gaining ground more so often, people are trying to be as sustainable with their fashion as possible. Clothing companies are increasingly altering their business models. They are enhancing their supply chains to uplift social conditions in their factories and curtailing overall environmental consequences.

The media coverage in this area has incited a substantial level of awareness among young customers. Although the effectiveness of sustainable fashion cannot be emphasized more, a lot of people doubt if fashion could be sustainable. An appropriate way to describe this would be to call it a “more” sustainable fashion. As it is that we cannot ensure full sustainability when it comes to fashion. But we sure can improvise a certain level of sustainability.

So finally you have decided to go sustainable, but how do you ensure that you are looking good while doing so? Being eco-friendly does not mean shapeless hemp sacks. There are far too many ways to look chic when you are wearing sustainable outfits. Let’s have a look at the top five sustainable outfits for all personality types:


This look comprises of timeless and sophisticated styles. If you are someone who likes elegant, sleek and polished looks, this one’s for you. Simple urbane and streamlined looks with arresting lines and fabrics is the classic look. It is relatively easy to go eco-friendly when you are the classic kind. When you are shopping, just keep in mind the kind of outfits you already have in your wardrobe. That way you know what you are looking for and do not end up picking something which will last you long but gathers dust in your closet.

The whole idea of going sustainable is that you get something which you can wear again and again. This also demands that you take a careful look at the quality. When you want something to last, quality is of utmost importance. The classic look ensures that you go for a timeless look with an archetypal silhouette. You can team your elegant dress with a pair of solid colored pumps and pearl earrings. Yes, even a professional ensemble can be included in the Classic type.


Also referred to like the minimalist, sporty, or casual looks, this is for those ladies who like to keep it simple and natural. This is mostly preferred by those who do not want to spend time on dressing up too much. You like the kind of look in which you can go running and stay in it the entire day. Breathable fabrics, earthy tones, and comfortable fashion are what we are talking about. This is the best look to go sustainable since you do not have to consider too much about patterns, textures, and designs.

Besides, even your favorite fitness apparel brand will have something for you to wear on a casual basis. This will make sure that you are looking fashionable yet give you an active, laid-back look. When you are shopping for your au naturel look, ensure that you are checking up on the labels. The care label will provide you with the information if the fabric is recycled or not and how it is made. This is a workable way to gauge how much eco-friendly you are going with that particular fabric. Some companies take your clothes back when you do not need them anymore. Try looking for such companies. And when you are the natural type, you will have no problem finding one.


Bold, creative and exciting fashion choice is what the dramatic fashion personality type is all about. From peplum tops to cowl necks, you can go for anything which gives you a jazzy edge. Denim is an evergreen choice when it comes to fashion. And the best thing about it is you can wear denim with any kind of dressing type. Whatever your fashion personality type is, you can always trust denim jeans. It is something which never goes out of style and also has an omnipresence among various fashion personalities. You can also make an uncomplicated outfit look dramatic with the help of accessories. A plain top is the best for a statement necklace. Also, long earrings and danglings can give you the eccentric touch you so love to sport.

You can stay true to your sustainable self by going uber stylish. There are no barriers at all. Simply be wary of the fabric and the care label information and you are good to go. Besides, when you are going for the dramatic look, it is easy to fall for synthetic fabric. Again, checking the care label is a must. Stay away from fabrics which have acrylic, rayon, nylon and the like. They have a high harmful impact on the environment during its production phase.


Do you like flowy dresses with a pretty bow and a lot of laces? Welcome to the Romantic club! You can also go vintage if you are the romantic type. As long as it has laces and ruffles, you are on the right track. The romantic style allows you to go for girly, flirty dresses. It gives you the Enchantress look which is feminine and playful at the same time.  You can team such dresses with a pair of tasteful pumps in very light colors or pastels. Floral prints also go best with this look. It could be a pair of jeans or leggings, you can go floral to go for the perfect romantic look.

A charming, frilly skirt will also give you the desired look. Sustainability may be pretty difficult when it comes to the kind of fabric which gives you the romantic look. But with a little attention, you will be able to find yourself the right brand and outfit. Since the romantic look likes to go vintage, you can very well rejig your mother’s old prom dress to give you the ultimate enchantress look. You never know, how good it might turn out to be. Just get creative!

On Trend

This is for the fashion-conscious ladies who like to keep themselves updated with the latest in fashion. They will more often than not, go for a modern, sharp, and cutting-edge look. Since they are the ones who mostly keep themselves updated with what’s up in the industry, they will be more inclined towards being eco-friendly. Why? you ask, well, because her favorite celebrity just wore one. Or maybe because going sustainable is the next big thing right now.

Try out a sweater dress to give yourself the avant-garde look. Pair it up with some knee-length or ankle length boots—either way, you will be dressed to kill. Going sustainable will be easy for a fashion-forward lady because they are aware of the brands which offer the coolest yet the most eco-friendly outfits.

We hope you now have a very good idea about how to stay eco-friendly and yet be fashionable. There is absolutely no need that both work in isolation. They can, without any doubt, go together. All you need is a little bit of curiosity and exploring around with different styles of clothing. And before you know it, you will find your next go-to sustainable outfit.


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