5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Getting Av Equipment Hire

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The quality of your AV equipment defines the guests’ experience in your event. If your equipment has problems and glitches, then the event cannot carry on smoothly which will not only create embarrassment for you but also for the other event organizers. It is best, therefore, that your research and learn what to expect from an AV equipment so that you can formulate a clear plan about acquiring the perfect AV equipment for your events. Buying a brand-new Av equipment can be expensive which is why hiring one is a smart idea, here we give you 5 tips to keep in mind before hiring.

#1. Be careful with the agreement:

When you hire an AV equipment it will come along with some responsibility and an official agreement for you to sign. You need to read the entire agreement thoroughly for the clauses regarding its insurance, missing parts, damage, casualties and various other things related to the equipment. Before signing on the dotted lines, carefully understand the terms and conditions and your responsibility as a renter. Apart from these clauses you need to also ask and understand whether there are other clauses like, what’s the renting company’s policy about returning the equipment, whether the rent is inclusive of the cost of an equipment-operator if at all they provide one. Keep these points in mind while signing any kind of rental agreement of AV equipment hire.

#2. Make your bookings ahead of time:

AV equipments are not always easily available to hire, EScially during the peak times. Remember to book your AV equipment at least 48 minutes ahead of an event. Specialized requests may need to be made even earlier. Keep in mind that this hiring procedure works on a first-come-first-serve basis and the fanciest equipment goes out much quicker.

#3. The financials:

Another thing you need to keep in mind while opting for AV equipment hire is the pricing ranges and deposits that different companies charge and the most commonly followed procedures. Most companies charge 50% of the total amount one day before the event, only after the amount is deposited you will receive your hired equipment. Make sure you read through the company’s cancelation policies and the refund ability of the deposit if needed.

#4. Research about the equipment:

Study about the essential equipment especially those which your event needs. Nowadays AV equipments are pretty expensive which is why having proper knowledge about them will help you to make an informed decision about the machines you want to rent at a good bargain. Av Equipment hire such as lights, projectors, mixtures, turntables, karaoke systems, microphones, power amps, DJ systems, mike receivers, snakes and cables, speakers, floor monitors, PA systems, keyboards, and CD players are generally available in most rental companies.

#5. The size of the venue:

The in-house AV equipments of the venue where the event is being organized can be utilized if your event is not too fancy. While these equipments are not of the best quality, these are still a much cheaper option. For a fancier event, renting a more sophisticated and expensive AV equipment is your safest bet. Always check the equipment on site thoroughly before the event as soon as it gets delivered to you preferably in presence of a representative of the company.

You need to research and compare the results of several AV equipment hire companies to observe which one meets all your requirements. Also review their customer satisfaction rate, operating procedures and payment amounts. If all of these things coincide with your requirements, then you can opt for the most suitable company.


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