6 Bitcoin Myths You Should Know But Don’t!

Bitcoin Myths

Watch out! There are dozens of myths associated with Bitcoins and getting influenced by them may come in your way to make the most out of your Bitcoins. Knowing about Bitcoin myths is important in a way that you protect yourself from them while selling and buying Bitcoins.

Most of the time, myths discourage people from selling and buying Bitcoins but you should not be like them and know about myths that are associated with Bitcoins. It is true that for some people Bitcoins are very difficult to understand because it requires having basic knowledge of economics, cryptography and many more.

Here are some major myths that are associated with Bitcoins and going through all of them is necessary for you if you really wish to succeed in your Bitcoins’ business.

1.     No One Uses Bitcoins

It is one of the common myths that is associated with Bitcoins and because of that dozens of people change their minds and never buy them. They are currently at their successful point in history and it is a huge achievement.

You find the scalability’s problem (growing block size capital for handling transactions and in fact, it is an indication of a success of Bitcoins. It means that you should start working on them without having any kind of fear. Students who avail essay writing services UK also think of buying Bitcoins in order to have financial stability.

2.     You Cannot Spend A Commission That You Received In BTC

It is essential to know that dozens of companies and major retailors accept Bitcoins easily and the number of companies is growing each day. Currently, you are able to spend Bitcoins with Microsoft, Overstock, Subway, Steam, Expedia and many more.

It means that you never get influenced by this myth otherwise you will not consider spending your own money. It is important that you find more companies that accept Bitcoins.

3.     Bitcoins Are Anonymous

It is another major myth that is attached to Bitcoins and believing it is like failing to make the most out of these specific coins. You have to understand that they are pseudonymous. It means that they have identifiable addresses, but it is also true that no one knows that who is behind every address.

It is very essential to know that transactions are recorded on a ledger that is public and you can easily go through it. There are some blockchain analytics companies that have popped up for some time and they have capabilities to ensure de-anonymization.

4.     Bitcoins Are Used By Terrorists

Yes, it is also a myth that terrorists use Bitcoins but you should ensure that you never get influenced by it otherwise you will not think of buying them and making them beneficial for you financially. If you talk about law enforcement agencies specifically of Europe, they have not found anything regarding it.

It means that these particular coins are not used by terrorists and you should feel free to buy as well as sell these coins and get financial stability.

5.     These Coins Are Not Backed By Any Particular Thing

Some people, who have no idea about digital payment network, consider that the Bitcoins do not have a value as these coins are not backed by anything. It is a huge myth that being a responsible person you should not get influenced by it.

The author of Currency Wars came up with saying that these coins are backed by confidence like other currencies throughout the history of money.

6.     Bitcoins Are Used For Illegitimate Reasons

It is not true that these coins are used for illegitimate reasons and you should not trust it. You also find that they are used for legal purposes and it is the reason why they are very popular all over the country. You find that people consider using these coins for saving 10 to 20 percent on every purchase at Starbucks, Amazon and many other places.

Closing Thoughts…

Above-mentioned are some major myths that are associated with Bitcoins and if you really wish to make these particular coins financially beneficial then you have to stay away from Bitcoin myths. Before you buy Bitcoins, you should promise yourself that you never get influenced by above-discuss myths.


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