7 Health New Year Resolutions You Must Make For 2019


Does it also happen to you that all your New Year resolutions get crumbled just in 1 or 2 months? If yes, change your habit now and make something firm for your health and fitness this year. The reason that we don’t complete our intended plans is because we don’t set some realistic targets for them.

According to Mind Tools, you will find one thing common in all the successful people that they all set goals. From short-term motivations to long-term visions, you get everything when you set goals. Similarly, when you make New Year resolutions, you help yourself achieve targets in a given time period.

Apart from all kinds of other resolutions, you should make, resolutions for health and fitness should be given more importance and value since health is all your wealth. You can go through a number of health-related essays written by a professional assignment writing service and other countries. All of them give more importance to health than any other thing in your life.

Here are the 7 most important Health and Fitness Resolutions You should make this New Year:

1.     Fruits and Vegetables

There are various potential benefits of fruits and vegetables and you need to avail them more in this coming New Year. Moreover, the two blessings of nature happen to be health-improving and disease-fighting for a human being.

You can make an effective resolution to start a day with fresh fruits or juice and can take a portion of vegetables and fruits with hourly gaps throughout the day. Confused? Well, you can have a salad of vegetables with your lunch and dinner. Moreover, you can also use these two things in a raw form as snacks.

If you keep this habit of eating more fruits and vegetables, you can surely have a healthy life ahead.

2.     Gym and Training

Gym and training are not only associated with athletes. Rather, a common man should also take care of his body with proper exercise and training. According to the Fitness Industry Association, many newbies head to their nearby gyms at the start of a year and most of them get disappeared even just after a month.

Having frequency and consistency in your practices is important more than anything. The more frequent you remain at the gym, the more success is waiting for you in the future. Apart from going to a gym regularly, you can also start reading health and fitness related journals.

3.     Comfortable Sleep

Sleep is actually one of the most important aspects to consider for a healthy and happy life. Up till now, if you aren’t comfortable with the amount of sleep you are getting, you can make a resolution to sleep a little more.

According to Health Line, a lack of sleep can lead you towards various diseases including early death. Moreover, one should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours in the night in order to decrease the risk of different diseases and to maintain his immune system.

4.     Weight Loss

According to a survey by Statista, 45% of people in the U.S made a resolution in 2018 for weight loss. You can expect even more in 2019 because it has become essential to maintain a normal and recommended weight in order to live a healthy, strong, and happy life.

For this New Year, you can make a resolution of 500 extra steps in a week so that you can burn more calories from your body. Since finding time in this modern and fast-moving world is difficult, you need to follow some consistent weight loss practices side-by-side with all your other office and household works.

5.     Focus on Mental Health

To focus on mental health is as important as on your physical health. You should go to the gym and training centers so that you can have a healthy body. However, you shouldn’t forget about your mental health in the meanwhile.

At the start of this New Year, you should make a resolution for your mind in which, you will be sleeping at least 8 hours in the night and eating healthy foods to benefit both your mind and body.

According to Psychology Today, if you think and speak positively, write down something grateful for you, focus on only one thing in a moment, do regular exercise, eat a healthy meal, take adequate breaks from work, and go to bed on time, you can effectively provide some meaningful benefits to your mind.

6.     Replacement of Bad Habits with Good Ones

This happens to one of the most common New Year resolutions that the majority of people across the world make but quite a few of them follow for long. There are various bad habits that we come across in a single day and we can actually replace them with good ones.

For example, if you have a bad habit of taking drugs, you can replace it with going to a gym. Isn’t it a great deal? You should also replace other bad habits like taking more caffeine, more tech-time, and others with some good ones. If you remain consistent in leaving at least one bad habit every year, you will be living a pretty happy life in quite a few years.

7.     Live Every Moment

And last but not the least is the resolution of living each and every moment you get in 2019 because nobody knows if he will be alive to welcome the New Year’ Eve of 2020 or not. Though it has always been tough for everyone to forget about your past and future just to concentrate the present, you can at least try it in 2019.

The more you put away the distractions of past and fears of futures, the more you will be able to concentrate on your present. The importance of being present is quite valuable and you must try to remain present in your present.

A New Year comes with an opportunity to have a fresh start. It happens to be a great time to take firm decisions and stand with them. By making the above resolutions, you can enjoy a healthy and happy year with your friends and family ahead!


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