8 Detoxification Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs


Detox diets are all the shizz right now. From celebrities swearing by their kale and broccoli smoothies on Instagram to cooking channels coming up with their own detox recipes, cleansing your body through eating healthy is one of the trendiest ways to stay fit in modern times. Beyonce and Anne Hathaway are all about detox diets these days, so why should you lag behind? However, avoid the 8 common detox mistakes most people are prone in their mad rush to fit into their old pair of jeans. Go through this post and find out all about the 8 detox mistakes you could be making right now!

Keeping fit: 8 detox mistakes you could be making right now

While your decision to go on a detox is deserving of plaudits, you would want to do it the right way. Here are 8 common detox diet mistakes you should know. Wondering how many are you guilty of? Read on to kick the bad habits and embrace awesome ones!

  1. Starving yourself

So you have got that holiday weight piling on and showing signs of a bulging belly? Now that you are just a minute away from hitting into panic mode and obsessing over how you will never get around to losing those extra pounds gained from binging on Thanksgiving leftovers, all sorts of crazy ideas are sure to pop up in your mind. However, ditch the one that asks you to go on starvation mode. Giving up food or living on those green juices will do you more harm than good. In fact, when your body craves energy, it may tend to break down your muscle mass. That will make the entire weight loss scenario a whole lot more difficult for you in the future.

  1. Relying heavily on lemon water

Yeah, we know a detox is all about infused water and eating clean to give your body a good rinse from the inside. While lemon water works wonders to flush out those toxins, keep up your metabolism rate, and ditch those extra pounds gradually, over-dependence on lemon water will not bode well for your body. Lemon water gives you that extra dose of vitamin C and is rich in antioxidants. But it also makes the enamel of your teeth erode away, all thanks to its acidic content. Do not replace your daily dose of H2O with lemon water if you do not want a perforated stomach, and ALWAYS sip it with a straw if you do not want your teeth enamel going for a toss.

  1. Taking weight loss supplements

Okay, this one is a no-brainer. Believe it or not, many go the weight loss supplements way when they feel nothing else is working out. Some think it is the easiest way out of the fix, and get an off-the-shelf weight loss supplement on their way back home. What most people don’t realise is that they are not doing their body any favour by choosing to chemically alter the way it functions. Most detox first-timers are guilty of having indulged in weight loss supplements, lured by the promises of washboard bellies. But most weight loss supplements come with side effects ranging from mild to grave. Side effects from weight loss supplements include nausea, vomiting, heart blockades, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

  1. Overdoing your exercise routine

A super-healthy diet may prompt you to go ballistic with your workout routine. But that would be quite the foolhardy mistake to commit when you are on detox. Even though the berry smoothies for breakfast might call out to you “Yeah, I am healthy!” do not start a high-intensity workout routine when you are on detox. While going for a quick jog or fifteen minutes of power yoga every day is fine, lifting too heavy weights and overdoing cardio will only result in burnout. Always remember to take a few days off your workout routine (especially when you are in detox) for it helps your body heal faster from the rapid fat loss. If you are feeling especially pepped up for some exercise, try some alternative and low-intensity methods instead of hitting the gym to lift weights.

  1. Using laxatives for a leaner body

Sure, if you need a flat belly in the morning, laxatives can promise you just that. But, do not be lured by the seemingly wonderful promise for it has its fair share of side effects too. Relying too much on laxatives for weight loss and a leaner body can have harmful effects on your body, as research shows. While you may be tempted to use laxatives post-dinner almost every day once you know of its wondrous abilities to give you a flat belly in the morning, it is best to ditch the habit. The long-term harm of using laxatives can cause irregularities in bowel movements, kidney and liver problems, and extreme cases of dehydration. Laxatives strip your body of the vital minerals during the cleanse, and robs it of the natural healing agents.

  1. Not picking organic produce

If you are all set for a detox plan with loads of berries and apples, then make sure you are making the right choice when it comes to picking your fruits. Detox is all about the cleanse, so if you let harmful pesticides enter your body by choosing the wrong kind of produce, you would not be doing much of a detox at all. Be it berries or apples for smoothies, always go for the ones that are farm-grown and come from organic sources. Pesticides and other chemicals that tamper with the natural growing cycle of fruits and veggies usually contain harmful carcinogens and may lead to reproductive damage at the end of the day.

  1. Binge-eating junk food before starting your detox

It is common psychology to indulge in one last meal before you go on a detox routine. Many like to load up on meals containing carbs, sugary delicacies and junk food right before going on a detox. That is a mistake to start with for your entire perspective towards the detox routine gets skewed because of that. By indulging on that “last meal” as a sort of guilty pleasure, you are actually tricking your brain into thinking that detox is a form of punishing your body. Thoughts of deprivation and hunger will plague your detox routine if you do this, and you will be more likely to give up midway through the diet. Instead, treat detox as a reward for your body where you are allowing your body to slow down and heal from the indulgences of the past. Approach your detox with a positive attitude, and you will have higher chances of seeing through your resolve.

  1. Having a solely fibre-based diet

Some detox first-timers often mistake too much fibre as a healthy detox meal plan. While fibre-rich food has plenty of great effects on the body, too much fibre or eating a fibre-based diet is not getting you that smarty-pants award. Of course, fibre is important, so do not ditch it entirely. Have it in moderation, and you will be good to go. Studies show that too much fibre intake may lead to bloating, feeling too full, the formation of gas, and diarrhoea. While that granola and yogurt or oatmeal breakfast is a pretty cool detox diet option, make sure you keep your fibre intake in check for the rest of the day.

Parting words

Going for detox from time to time is a habit you should nurture throughout your life. Your body has more than one reason to thank you for the occasional cleanse. On the upside, it also helps you drop those extra pounds and fit into your favourite dress from the previous year’s Fall collection. However, do not throw caution to the wind when going for such lifestyle changes for your body needs to recover at its own pace. Do not rush into things, and keep a tab of the 8 common mistakes people are prone to when they choose a detox diet. Consult a dietician and stay on the path of good health.

Author bio: Marceline Joseph is an online math solver, programmer and an academic writer associated with Tophomeworkhelper.com. Besides being associated with the education and teaching industry, Marceline is a passionate stamp collector and chess player.


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