A Fashion Guide to Rave

glow in the dark outfit

If you are crazy about rave, time and again you face the same question – What to wear? What is trending? What is in and what is out?

The best thing is no one is going to judge what you wear. Rave fashion is mostly about self-expression, so you can literally wear anything.

Let us get to know the choices available.

Rave clothing for men

Tees and shorts

They are the most common, yet popular clothing for men. You can always slip in simple tees, tanks, and shorts. If you want a little show-off, do it with shorts with all over print.

Light jackets

If the weather is a little cold, or you are jointing a rave party in the night, it is advisable to put on a light jacket or sweater to keep yourself warm. As the temperature drops, they come very handily.

Glow in the dark outfit

If you want to dazzle the dance floor, do it with glow in the dark outfit. Fiber optic clothing is always trending, and they look extremely cool. You can choose from an array of options – vests, waistcoats, ties, bowties, dresses, hoodies and more. Enhance your glow and light up your wardrobe with fiber optic clothing.

All over print

All over print designs are always a popular choice among men’s as well as women’s clothing. You can pick from all over print designs, available in all types of styles. From masks to tees, they have always been a popular choice for rave gears.

Drawstring bag

Function is also an important part of fashion. And being a gentleman, you would be likely to bring a lightweight drawstring bag. As it is a fest, bring a festival fanny pack with yourself. Things can fall out of packets, so it makes a sense to keep it safely in a bag.

Rave accessories

Rave accessories are also important. So, don’t forget to give a finishing touch to your overall outfit with a suitable rave accessory. You can choose from rave glasses, hats, and furry animal hoods. It is a great way to make your outfit rave-ready.

What to wear at EDC

If you are not sure what to wear at EDC, here is a quick guide.

Dark colors

Ravers have always been famous for bright neon colors. But, in the past few years, there has been seen a shift in this trend. Now ravers are seen as more inclined to the dark side. Sleek halter tops and cute bralettes are popular choices for a rave. Strappy and cut out bottoms can also be seen at fests. Ravers new love for strappy and lace-up can be easily spotted.

Pastels and earthy

If you want to keep yourself true to colorful souls, leave neon brights behind as more earthy colors and pretty pastels as they have made a strong way in the world of rave fashion. From micro cut out bottoms to bodysuits, you can find every rave clothing in such colors.

Oil slick patters

All those ravers, who love the dark side, can choose oil slick patterns. Oil slick patterns shimmer with green, blue and purple hues and are trending right now. They have also been spotted with new updates with hologram fabric.

All over print

All those who love crazy patterns and colors should go for this new rage. It comes in zillions of style and looks extremely cool and pretty. Be it men’s crop top or women’s leggings, clothing features a variety of artwork and patterns.

Hope this complete guide to rave fashion would help you dress in your next rave.


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