All About Auto Mechanic to Know

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Are you passionate about cars? A car’s body parts intrigue you much more than anything around? Do you want to become an auto mechanic but don’t know what the job beholds? Well, here’s a dekko at what an auto mechanic is supposed to do. Much like a doctor who in the nick of time diagnoses a health problem and provides antidotes to cure it, auto mechanics are the mavericks who look into an ailing car and does the needful to fix it. Well, it isn’t that easy, it requires proper knowledge, both theoretical and practical.

Who is An Auto Mechanic?

An auto mechanic diagnoses the problem a car is facing and repairs it. His job involves repairing the car or replacing a certain part of the car which isn’t working well. He generally talks to a customer about the problems a car is facing, the post which he looks into the issues, and tries to fix them accordingly. During the process, he also gives a rough estimate of the amount which will be required to mend the car in case there’s an unanticipated repair.

At times, the job of a mechanic also involves routine maintenance, which basically includes oil, filter and belt changes. Many a time, in order to add to the revenue of the shop, a mechanic is asked to talk about optional repairs and other preventive measures which inevitably ensure the well being of a car. It’s more of a two-pronged process, where on one hand the customers get a second-hand knowledge of their car, and on the other, the mechanic concerned adds to the purse strings of the shop.

Skill Sets of An Auto Mechanic:

An auto mechanic has to have a good hold over his subjects. There are a number of skills which he needs to acquire in case he/she wants to excel as an auto mechanic. Here’s a list of skills required:

–    Auto Body Repair

–    Brake Repair

–    Good Diagnostic Abilities

–    Change and Repair Tires

–    Engine Repair

–    Customer Service

–    General Auto Repair

–    Manual Dexterity

An Auto Mechanic’s Workstations:

–    Car Dealers

–    Tire Stores

–    Oil Change Operations

–    Gas Stations

–    Sales

–    Service Advising

–    Driving

Study Auto Mechanics:

Auto mechanic training usually includes programs which are no more than a year long. AAS and ASE are the two degrees which every aspirant of this field should aim at. The Associate of Applied Sciences in Auto Mechanics is an undergraduate degree program which introduces students to the various aspects of auto repair. The AAS program basically involves a general education. Auto mechanics can also pursue a certificate course through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This course involves an in-depth study of automotive repair. The aspirant needs to appear for a written exam in order to avail the degree. There are various workshops which one can get into. Workshops add to one’s resume along with sharpening one ’s skill sets.

Now, that you know about the various things you have to do before becoming an auto mechanic, you must be well-prepared before going for a job interview. Like any other job, an auto mechanic’s job isn’t an easy nut to crack. With technological advancement and shifts, the job type has also catapulted several notches higher. One needs to undertake proper courses and also be updated with the changes going in and around the industry in order to become a proficient and well-versed auto mechanic. A keen eye, sharp mind, and perseverance will help you come out with flying colors.



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