Aparthotels: A New Experience


You’ve been planning for the trip of a lifetime: already booked a flight, next step is to search for the best place to stay. There are various types of accommodations to choose from: holiday rental, a suite in a hotel, bed & breakfast type of stay, or a hostel – but have you ever heard of apartment-hotels, also known as, aparthotels?

An Aparthotel

Whether frequent or a seasonal traveler, one must know about aparthotels – sometimes referred to as serviced apartments. It’s a combination of luxurious apartment and a hotel mixed into a new taste of accommodation. As partly apartment, it’s a fully-furnished space with a kitchen and living space, often upscale, affordable home away from home. Then, as partly hotel, you get the hotel-like amenities including room service, housekeeping, fitness center, among others.

Not all aparthotels are the same, some may have multiple bedrooms, others would only have one. But most aparthotels would have: kitchen with a stove, cookware, and dishwasher; living area with entertainment options such as multiple flat-screen televisions, DVD players, iPod docks, or even a karaoke machine; and bedrooms.

Aparthotels are becoming the trend in various places such as in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. Usually, they are situated in prolific cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Brussels, and Dubai.

For Groups

Group traveling usually ends up with a skyrocket bill – eating out, looking for places to get together since your hotel room is only good for four people. Aparthotels provide convenience suitable for various groups.

  • Business travelers – groups of colleagues or individuals needing to discuss how business is going or working on an important deal, often require a plenty of space for meetings and conferences. And because aparthotels would have a living space, it’s usually a good place to conduct these meetings. In addition to this, full kitchens are an additional benefit and serve as an alternative to going out to eat for each meal while on business. Home cooking in a fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi, cozy workspaces, and laundry facilities make business trips a seamless way to stay.
  • Family getaway – most holidays are spent with family, and it’s the time when kids meet their cousins and play with them which requires a wide space. Living space in an aparthotel surely would be useful. Some aparthotels would have multiple bedrooms as well, so at night time, each family can have their own private space.
  • Friends on a holiday – time has passed and friends in college found their own separate ways, but once in a while it’s always a good idea to spend quality time together. Communal spaces like kitchens and living rooms are perfect for cooking meals and hanging out together. Aparthotels also become budget-friendly and offering the best prices in the industry due to the split costs.

Home Away From Home

We always consider comfort to be one of the most important aspects when traveling. And whether traveling with family, friends, or colleagues everyone can have the satisfaction of a private bedroom within the home, while being able to share quality time together in the shared spaces — just like you do at the comfort of your home, only that we call it – an aparthotel.


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