Athleisure Essentials -How Athleisure Bra can Make a Difference


With the changes of fashion trend in lingerie over time, bra evolved greatly in its design; to name a few, bandeau bras, bralette bras, balconette bras, push-up bras, strapless bras, plunge bras…these are the very common bra types that most of us are aware of any of its specific design that could highlight our figure as well. A well-chosen bra to match with the outfit for certain occasion do add up the charm, and world famous lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret are also among those that provide us with the perfect collection for us to choose to our appeal.

But recently the trend for bra shifted dramatically, with the surging trend of modern women’s more and more involvement in yoga, exercising and doing sports; especially the athleisure craze in recent years that does play a very important part of how millennial young women have overthrown the yoke of body-poking wire bras for seamless and activewear alternatives; which is having a major impact on lingerie industry and the impact is more and more obvious.

Even though victoria’s secret and victoria’s secret pink are still enjoying a large piece of the market share of the lingerie industry, more and more brands are catering for millennial young women’s needs and showed great interest in sports bras; which also changed how we used to think of sports bras.

Sports Bra, as people usually view them as gray, thick and strictly for the gym; nowadays women wear them at all times and different occasions. One aspect is because sports are cool, another is the comfort level that a sports bra presents. “Comfort has always been–in the modern era of the past 50 years–a key driver for bras,”  as it is put by Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of the NPD Group. “ Nowadays, however, women expect every part of their bra to be comfortable. Comfort has changed from slightly to completely” Cohen added.

Sports bras are not just for the gym anymore, it is worn on different occasions and with the craze of athleisure, more variants come in the scene; Famous sports brand like Nike is more and more athleisure in their sports apparel design; athleisure brands like Lululemon, Reebok and Abeatis are very innovative and creative in their own athleisure bra design; and all have their own athleisure bra collection as well.

Not just comfortable in that sense, Sports bras/athleisure bras is with its novelty that is not just sexy but also its functionality; a statement for millennial young women that speaks out for itself-loving sports, streets-to-gym, confident; that all push the athleisure craze up and further.  For More Information, You can Visit Our Website:


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