Benefits of Doga: Yoga With Your Dog

Yoga With Your Dog

How many times have the ears gone blazing with the definition of Yoga as a science of love and compassion? You must have gone through a number of articles on the internet that boast Yoga’s role in spreading the principle of love to the world, which is true, of course. Yoga has long been a flagbearer discipline when it comes to introducing the concept of tenderness among people. According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, inner bliss comes out when you start caring about other creatures around you. In fact, the ultimate goal of Yoga represents affection and equality too with Yoga’s literal meaning denoting union with every particle and fellow being on the earth.

That’s been quite a long Yoga theory session, isn’t it? But such has been the virtue of Yoga. Doga- the modern form of Yoga practice is based completely on the yogic principle of love and affection. In short, Doga is a trunk for Dog and Yoga. Relishing the grace of Yoga with your pet dog is what Doga signifies. Doga is a North American discovery with two different philosophies- the dog as an object and as a Yoga partner. Although the first theory was discovered in the USA, the Canadian version of using the dog as a companion is more prevalent and we are going to talk about the latter one here.

Doga is ultimate fun

Dogs are extremely adorable and funny. A dog can be your best friend with whom you can create a number of fantastic memories in every walk of life. Indulging in the asanas is in itself a joy and think about operating the body in the blissful amity of your favorite pooch. Making your flurry a partner in Yoga shall also give enough time to spend with him that is full of fun. If you are attending a Doga class, there are enough reasons for your dog to join you as there would be many other puppies to find a company in. In the modern time, we are so busy with our office work that taking out time for the family and pets is not quite easy. While your lovely dog and Yoga both are important, why not combine both of them and enjoy the moments with great warmth and amusement?

Fitness for the Dog as well as the owner

We are humans and can understand each others’ languages. But what about the dogs? The way we feel the pain of some diseases and other mental stresses, dogs too experience stress but fail to express in words. Dogs too can be internally unfit like you and that might affect the overall health of both. Doga presents a fine set of exercises that help you and your pet to remain in robust health. While Yoga has proven its ability to boost the physical as well as mental fitness, performing the asanas with your dog in the company can be a huge inspiration. Doga exercises help the blood circulation ameliorate with the constant movement of the body parts. It heals you from the core and leads to the betterment of the mind, body, and emotion.

Doga marks a great bonding with your dog

Bonding is important in every association. It is quite simple to understand that you cannot spend all the hours with your puppy or anybody. You might have your office, school, dance classes, sports practice, etc., where you spend your time and energy. While you can talk to your friends, family members on call, there is no other way to remain in touch with the pooch than by occupying moments with him. Doga classes are probably the best way to have a great coalition with your whelp. Spending time in the same pose can teach the dog to build an immense trust in you. The more interaction you force to happen with the cute one, more are the chances of it understanding the human behavior with a fantastic covalency with the owner.

Relax with Yoga in the company of your pet

Nobody can deny the relaxing power of Yoga. Yoga is all about peace and harmony in the mind and body. For a serene atmosphere to materialize, one needs to relax completely with nobody to disturb. Now you might be thinking about the disruptions created by the dogs that may not let you focus on your poses. But that’s not the fact. Several studies on Doga have proven that the dog with whom you share moments of joy would actually help you concentrate on Meditation and other mindful Yoga practices. Taking a Yoga Sleep (Yoga Nidra) with your dog arises a wonderful feeling and gives the mind the much-needed relief from the daily hassles. Pranayama Breathing with your pup is extreme joy and a matter of tremendous relaxation with the pranic energy flowing through the veins.

Practicing the goodness of Yoga in the companionship of a pet lends tons of memorable seconds which you can rejoice the whole day. More than physical wellness, mental upheaval, and body strengthening, what you get is the love from a creature that you want to keep in your proximity forever. Doga is really a way to make your pet a closer part of your life and family.

 Author Bio : Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He teaches panchakarma kerala. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.


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