Best Places To Stay, Visit And Eat In Islamabad


Islamabad is the perfect, immaculate and rich green capital of Pakistan. No wonder it is considered the second largest capital in the world. You can find Cheap Flight Tickets to Islamabad via different airlines of Pakistan. City Islamabad is a planned city and everything is so majestic and attractive in so many ways.

Islamabad is not only the stunning city of Pakistan. But it stands out among the most drawn urban areas in the world. The Islamabad city is home to many interesting places, forests and parks around the city. It has great splendour, greenery, peace, neatness.

Places To Stay

Whether you want to book a comfortable guesthouse or stay in a luxury hotel where you can be close to nature and the Margalla Hills, or are looking for affordable accommodation, Islamabad offers a variety of accommodation.

Lahore to Islamabad flights are radially available and this is by far the busiest flight route in the whole country, Here are some of the best hotels for every mood and budget, from affordable to luxurious living.

Marriott Hotel:

The five-star international Islamabad Marriott Hotel is located in the heart of the capital. At the foot of the Margalla hills, near the city center, diplomatic enclave, foreign missions and government offices. The hotel has recently been refurbished and transformed into a security fortress.

Hotel Margala:

Hotel Margala Islamabad, ideally located near the Islamabad congress center on the Kashmir highway, overlooking the famous Margala hills and easy access to business, entertainment and cultural attractions, Hotel Margala is considered one of the city’s elegant and safe hotels.

Serena Hotel:

Islamabad Serena Hotel is one of the best hotels in Pakistan, known for excellence, luxury and tradition. Built on 14 acres, it consists of beautiful gardens, excellent restaurants and a lively art gallery. The Hotel Serena, next to the Diplomatic Enclave, is an unusual combination of Pakistani cultural heritage and Islamic architecture.

Islamabad Hotel:

Located in the center of Islamabad, the Islamabad Hotel is close to all major tourist attractions and shopping centers, and only 20 km from Islamabad Airport. The hotel offers high-quality services and includes tastefully furnished rooms, fine cuisine, shops and other comfort services.

Ramada Hotel:

It is located on Club Road, and it is one of the latest additions in the city that offers modern luxury facilities and services of an impeccable standard.

Places To Visit

There are many great places in Islamabad that attract various visitors from all over the world. Here is a summary of the best places to visit in Islamabad. Get your cheap flight tickets to be a part of these wonderful places.

Saidpur Village:

This is most likely an absolutely necessary visit during your stay in Islamabad. Located in the lower parts of the mountain city, the city dates from the Mughal period and has the remains of various urban centers.

Here you will find restaurants and bars that have been very strongly integrated into the city while maintaining credibility and custom.

Rawal Lake:

Rawal Lake is an ideal place to visit if you need to spend time with your family or with your loved one. The view is delightful and you can even rent kayaks or motorboats to explore the lake and neighboring islands.

In addition to recreation and views, the lake recreation center is ideal for picnics, watching feathered creatures and long walks with friends and family.

Lok Virsa Museum:

Lok Virsa is a historical and social-historical center in Islamabad that shows the diverse lives of individuals in Pakistan.

Bypassing, you will be delighted with the maintenance and character of the shows here, regardless of the very low costs of the section. You would really think about how they could learn how to do it.

Faisal Masjid:

Shah Faisal Masjid is the largest mosque in Pakistan. It is in the shape of an abandoned Bedouin tent with four minarets that add its splendour and make it a striking image of Islamabad around the world.

It is recommended that whenever you visit Islamabad you should visit the Shah Faisal Mosque. People take Lahore To Islamabad Flights on weekends just to visit this astonishing mosque with their families.

Places To Eat

Choosing the best restaurant in Islamabad is not very difficult. Especially with the crazy number of restaurants operating in Islamabad. We ensure that the following restaurants will provide an unforgettable experience for someone special.

The Monal:

Islamabad extends at the foot of the green Margalla hills, at the foot of the Himalayas, which create the captivating scenery of the city; Aerial view of Islamabad is priceless. The restaurant is a bit off the beaten track.

But driving through the lush slopes of the hill to reach it is well worth the experience. Monal serves a range of different cuisines, including French,Italian, a selection of Asian specialties and popular grilled meats.


It is located at street level in the luxurious Serena Hotel in Islamabad. And is the perfect place to spend time in elegant surroundings. The red-dominant place has a sensual design, with spotlighting, marble floors and many unique. Large pillars covered with reflective copper foils and tempting places to sit outside on the lawn. For those who like sweets, the patisserie has a wide range of tempting delicacies, prepared from scratch.

Polo Lounge:

Islamabad’s Saidpur Village is a charming old village on the outskirts of the city, rich in culture and historical architecture. The advantage of the restaurant is the delightful view of the picturesque surroundings. Visit this elegant restaurant to try well-made delicious meals in Islamabad. Including delicacies such as grilled chicken fillet with blue cheese sauce and Japanese beef steak.


Whether you want to stay in a good place, eat delicious food or visit beautiful places. Islamabad offers you all of it at its fullest. Get your cheap flight tickets to Islamabad to have one of the best trips of your life.


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