Best Practice To Get Right Bathroom Dimensions


Modern bathrooms require a lot of decorating so that they can look attractive and remain durable. Addition of glass fixtures such as glass shower enclosure with glass doors should help to enhance the look of the interior of the bathroom. Buying stylish and trendy fixtures for the bathroom can take your home interior décor to another level. However, all this does not happen with the blink of an eye.  You need to know the basic factors that you should use to guide you on selecting the right fixtures for the available space. Sometimes, you may ignore the factors and end up buying something that does not fit into the bathroom space or is opposite to what you had pictured.  Getting the right bathroom dimensions before buying any fixture is an important step for any homeowner. It helps save on time and space which is necessary in case you need customization in the future. Most people work together with experts to help them in identifying the most suitable fixtures that can enhance the look of their bathrooms. However, others prefer to work as a DIY project installing the fixtures mainly to save on the installation costs. For individuals who are fanatics of DIY projects at home, they must understand the best practices to get right bathroom dimensions for glass shower doors and fixtures. The following are the practices that should be considered by homeowners at all times.

Consider The Type Of Door That You Want

There are many types of glass shower doors that can be installed in a glass shower enclosure. Depending on the design of the shower enclosure, you can either have a folding, sliding or hinged glass shower doors. Deciding on the type of glass door to buy is dependent mostly on the type of shower enclosure you have and the available space. If you have limited space, you should ensure that you buy the sliding or folding glass door. It will help you save on space and avoid straining whenever the door needs to be opened. Also, the sliding type of door is suitable for confined bathrooms paces as it does not take up space for it to operate smoothly. The hinged type of door, however, requires sufficient space so that it can operate smoothly. At least the door should open 90 degrees to allow for the users to transition between the shower enclosure and the outside. Taking these dimensions from the shower door to anything that could hinder the smooth operation of the door can help to make a decision.

Check The Height Of The Glass Shower Enclosure

Glass shower enclosures are of specific heights depending on the height of the ceiling. The measurements of the height of the glass shower enclosure are useful when buying a glass shower door. A glass shower door should be of the same height or slightly shorter than the enclosure. However, having the same height for both the door and the enclosure will help to avoid spillage of water to the outside. Therefore, if you have to buy the glass shower door separately, you have to ensure you have the right dimensions for the height of the glass shower enclosure.

Identify The Adjacent Fixtures

Within the bathroom, many fixtures are meant to improve the convenience of users. There are vanities, sinks, towel bars among others. Understanding the position of each fixture in relation to the glass shower door can help to determine its size. When buying a glass however door, you should ensure it perfectly fits on the glass shower enclosure as well as provides convenience for every user. Ideally, the door should not interfere with the accessories and fixtures that are adjacent to the shower. Taking the dimensions and identifying the side on which the glass shower door opens should be the aim of identifying the fixtures in the bathroom. All the fixtures that are within the bathroom should be properly positioned so that they can create an elegant and attractive space.

Take Dimensions Of The Door Space On The Glass Shower Enclosure

You always want to get the right side of the door when you go for shopping. Having the right and exact dimensions for the space left for the frameless glass shower door in the shower enclosure would be the best step to take. The dimensions can be taken to a seller, and they can provide the exact fit. This would make life easy for the owners. However, you should ensure there are no errors with the dimensions since slight errors can make you miss the right door that fits precisely into the glass shower enclosure door space.

In conclusion, the taking of measurements is an important step before the purchase of glass shower doors. They help to avoid any form of errors which can be inconvenient during installation.


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