The person/s applying for a temporary visa in Canada should able to meet the criteria of the immigration regulations and acts of Canada and that the applicant is not inadmissible, and able meet the visa conditions and satisfy the visa officer in assessing the application as a whole that the applicant seeking an entry in Canada will leave Canada at the end of his/her visit.

    You have previously travelled to Canada and its conditions were not met Or you have travelled to other countries and that you have violated the immigration rules or land law soil of that country

    You have no legal immigration status of the country you’ve currently been applying for an entry to Canada

    No strong ties were established in your country of residence, that would motivate your return incentives or, your potential circumstances in Canada i.e. Family ties

    No clear purpose as to why you need to travel in Canada, its duration and credibility in support to your application

    You are not well established in your country of residence in particular of your professional work and or employment status
    You don’t have enough financial resources to cover your propose travel to Canada, or no guarantee of you not abandoning your country resident, essential docs to present contrary to this could be your personal assets and your current financial status If the person is applying for a business visit visa, and failed to support his/her claim that his intention is genuine for the purpose sought in Canada

    You did not properly provide the correct information needed in your application and or you withhold some infos which are material for your application

    No sufficient funding as to cover your entire travel If you are being sponsored by a host in Canada to cover some expenses of your travel, yet you have not supplied the documents deemed to be credible enough to convince the visa officer

    When there is a forged document/fabricated that automatically confer for the refusal and inadmissible to Canada

    Unable to comply with the additional in formations being requested by the visa office in a prescribed period of time

    Understanding this list may or may not increase your chances of your approval rate to get your temporary visa application to be approved, but this is not an exhaustive list to follow as it may still vary on the individual circumstances of the applicant, evidentiary documents supplied to the embassy and for a possible decision on what other grounds may find by the VO to your application.


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