Dry Eyes Treatment: What Should You Know?

Dry Eyes Treatment
Dry Eyes Treatment

Dry eyes which are also known as Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, their scientific name, are generally a condition in which the tear glands are not able to provide adequate moisture. This condition mostly arises when a person reaches a certain age and can affect both the sexes. It is diagnosed more commonly among women who are post-menopausal. Dry eyes symptoms are generally the same as the symptoms of any other eye infection, which are as follows,

The eye becomes dry, red, inflamed, sour eyes with the eyes having an irritation when exposed to bright light, which makes the person sensitive to light and can cause real discomfort. As dry eyes are common nowadays, the early symptoms when diagnosed on time can be treated by the person themselves. Hence, it is best to consult an ophthalmologist for dry eye treatment. Some of the common dry eye treatments include lubricating eye drops, teardrops, and black UV protection glasses whenever they go out, to be safe from the sunlight, the dust in the air, harmful pollution oxidants mixed in the air which we breathe, etc.

 Dry Eyes Treatment
Dry Eyes Treatment


•    First, many people believe that dry eyes could only occur at old ages and therefore get tensed when they suffer from dry eyes, but it is only partially true because though at some point the memory glands in the eyes which hold the tear water becomes imbalanced. This condition could occur in any age to the person whose eyes are always exposed to the light, and the harmful air particles.

•    A human eye is always producing tears at all times, not only when we are emotional or are yawning, in fact, but healthy eyes are also always covered up with the fluid over it, a fluid over the eyes is the symbolic representation of healthy eyes because whenever we sleep our eyes repair themselves. The fluid over the eyes is called tear film and is designed to remain stable between each blink.

•    The major factors which cause dry eyes are an imbalanced mixture of the tear production in the tear glands; therefore, due to this tear gets evaporated quickly over the surface of the skin. There are some other problems also such as the intake of some drugs into the eye.

Dry Eyes Treatment

 Dry Eyes Treatment
Dry Eyes Treatment

One thing should always be kept in mind that dry eyes is a curable condition. If you find out about the same in advance, then you can consult an ophthalmologist for dry eye treatment. Thus, the best way of being safe from this is always to be cautioned about the causes; medications should be taken regularly, the doctor should be consulted after a time interval or any time a person thinks that the symptoms are arising again.

There are some tests that tell us about the condition of the dry eyes and can also reveal the quantity & quality of the tears in the tear glands. The doctors will ask the patient to keep their eyes always well lubricated and remember that the tear film when cracked can’t be in the same form again.

The best way to keep an eye lubricated is by always using a lubricant eye drop after evenly time, making them behave like natural tears and to reduce the drainage of tears from the eyes even many patients use the artificial teardrops.


Sometimes normal dry eyes treatment like lubrication is not effective, in such cases you would need to go for eye surgery.


One of the best dry eye treatment method is to keep the eyes lubricated and take a break from long screen hours. In case you are continuously facing the issue, it is advisable to seek the help of an eye specialist.



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