Everything One Must Know About Recycled Timber

Recycled Timber
Recycled Timber

In the current day scenario, where more than 70% of our resources have been depleted and we are continuously exhausting what is left, recycling is the need of the hour. The process of using used timber products by making new products is called timber recycling. Recycled timber can be reshaped to form new products.

Benefits of Using Recycled Timber:

  • Environment Friendly: Recycling timber has been welcomed as an activity worldwide as it is being viewed as an environment friendly act. Recycling the wood will not only help to reduce deforestation but will also help in controlling other forms of pollution which are caused if new products would be made instead of recycled ones.
  • Quick products: Using recycled wood helps in saving a lot of time. Time taken to make a new product using fresh wood is higher as compared to using recycled wood because fresh wood cannot be directly used for making products. Wood would first be processed to be used which requires a lot of time. So, if you are using recycled timber you are not only saving money but a lot of time as well.
  • Cheaper: Products made of recycled wood is way cheaper as compared to the ones made from fresh and new wood. A major cost is reduced when we use recycled wood as processing a new wood requires more effort and cost in comparison to the already processed one.

Recycled timber is most commonly extracted from old buildings, bridges etc. They are carefully extracted from the source and are then sold to merchants who deal in recycled wood.

Use of Recycled Timber: 

Recycled timber is most commonly used for making bench-tops, decks, flooring, timber posts etc. Tons and tons of timber wood is wasted every year. The concept of re-using it to make new products is not only cheap but also eco-friendly. The wood is first collected from the source and based on its condition is segregated in different categories. The segregation is done based on the condition and as to what use the wood will be put to. Once the segregation is done, the wood is sent off to processing units. Once processed, the wood is then sent to various manufacturers for the production of fresh products.

The only problem that crops up during the use of recycled timber is people’s perception about it. People often perceive recycled wood as used or cheap or discarded wood and thus do not prefer it much. What they forget is that the recycled wood is not only of good quality but also very environment friendly. With the current situation that our earth and natural resources are in, opting for the eco-friendly ways is the way forward. If we stick to new wood, it would result in mass level deforestation and soon we won’t be left with much trees to


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