Facebook is now Detecting and Deleting Fake Accounts


Are you an active Facebook user? If yes, then you could be among a community of 2.2 billion monthly active Facebook users around the world. That sounds wild considering that huge figure represents active users every month. However, despite the high number of active accounts, Facebook deleted 583 million fake accounts in the first quarter of 2018. Yes, more than half a billion fake accounts were deleted. Some recent reports indicate that the number of deleted spam accounts could have hit the 1 Billion mark at the end of 2018. This article will define what spam accounts are and why they are so many. Let’s get started.

What is a Fake Facebook Account?

Five years ago, a fake Facebook account meant that someone was trying to steal your information or identity or someone wanted to harm your reputation or that of your loved ones. While the unpleasant people and con-artists still exist, fake Facebook accounts have taken an entirely new turn in the past two years.

Before the 2016 US general election, fake accounts, posts, and ads started to populate Facebook in unprecedented numbers. Though all social networks were targeted in that election, Facebook was used to heighten the tension in an already volatile election in the history of America. Many Facebook accounts were used to discuss hot-button topics like gun control, but most of them were used to propagate false information before the election.

Facebook was not all alone in this fake accounts saga. YouTube a popular video platform that can upload more than 400 hours of video every minute was also targeted. This video platform has volumes of content that they have to sort before releasing them. Twitter also recently suspended more than 275 accounts that were suspected to be linked to Iran. No doubt the problems faced by YouTube and Twitter are steep, but Facebook remains the main focus of hackers.

Were You a Target of Fake Facebook Campaigns?

If you are a US-based Facebook user, then there is no doubt that you fell a victim of false Russian accounts and ads that permeated Facebook. A recent report indicates that Russia’s Internet Research Agency spent over $100000 to buy Facebook ads. These ads targeted specific individuals who had expressed interest on many topics. The most famous ones included patriotism, motherhood, independence, and racial equality.

Apart from the ads, there were also fake accounts that had over 80000 organic posts on Facebook and 120000 on Instagram While the final damage was assessed, it was estimated that more than 150 million Americans accessed false information on these two significant platforms alone.

What was the motive?

Ultimately, the objective was to prod and poke an already divided electorate and create more divisions. And that was achieved. Most of these fake ads and accounts targeted political candidates or topics, but few of them were not.

Final Thoughts

As the problem of fake Facebook accounts continues to persist, users are requested to be diligent to avoid falling victim of these notorious hackers. Admittedly, it is not always easy. Recent research shows that we are

still susceptible to hacking and if something is not done to reverse this trend; we may have a repeat of the same in the upcoming 2020 elections. If you want to read more fake Facebook accounts, then kindly visit https://www.iqsdirectory.com/resources/how-facebook-is-solving-the-fake-accounts-problem/ for more details.


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