Few Notable Advantages Of Using Truck Bull Bars

truck bull bars
truck bull bars

A bull bar is a small device that is installed on trucks, SUVs and other similar large-sized vehicles. It is usually installed on the front side of a vehicle, to offer protection while driving on roads. Generally, this device is made of stainless steel that may be coated with black chrome powder. However, thick aluminum or molded polyethylene may also be used for making this useful device. Now, reputed brands manufacture truck bull bars of different stylish designs and sell at affordable prices in the market. The bull bar is also termed as grille guard or bumper guard, as it is fixed over the bumper of heavy vehicles.

Major benefits availed from truck bull bars

  • Save from hitting animals – A vehicle may hit a large animal while driving on roads surrounded by forests. This type of collision may heavily damage the front side of vehicles, which can be prevented by installing truck bull bars. The vehicles are saved from breakdown if collided with heavy animals, like kangaroo, rhinoceros or bison.
  • Protection on rough roads – Vehicles often need to travel on rough terrains that are full of stones, logs, pits, and furrows. Heavy vehicles, like trucks, can be damaged while running on such dirty and uneven roads, as a result of which vehicles may stop abruptly in the midway. Drivers can be saved from such situations by installing truck bull bars on their vehicles. The sturdy metal body of this device protects the front part of the vehicle and its engine from grave injuries caused by different hard materials lying on roads.
  • Easy to attach winches – When a heavy vehicle needs to be towed to the garage, a winch is the best option in this matter. So, the vehicle owner should install a bull bar to which the winch can be attached easily. Hence, these truck bull bars can increase the resale price of vehicles, as new owners know how hard it is to tow heavy vehicles without a winch. So, this expense for buying the special bull bar is worth the cost for a vehicle owner.

    truck bull bars
    truck bull bars
  • Can mount extra features – A bull bar provides a strong base on the front side of the vehicle, on which the owner can install any other necessary accessory. Auxiliary lamps, UHF CB antenna, or sand flag can be easily mounted on bull bars. It is difficult to mount these accessories on the front part of the car, without the presence of a solid bull bar.
  • Can fix recovery points – The bull bars act as an ideal base for fitting the recovery points that are essential for towing a stuck vehicle. Though recovery loads need to be attached on both sides of a vehicle, truck bull bars on the front side are more effective for fitting recovery points. The bull bars are better options than chassis rails that were fitted earlier on the vehicles for recovery loads.
  • Provide a better approach angle – Vehicles need an easy approach angle for climbing up the ramp from the horizontal ground. A bull bar offers a better approach angle to a heavy vehicle and this strong metal bar cannot be damaged easily during the process, unlike plastic vehicle parts.

Moreover, bull bars also improve the look of the vehicles and also offer protection while decreasing the vehicle speed at the parking lots. However, lightweight cars need to install bull bars made of fiberglass that performs similar functions like that truck bull bars because the lightweight cars will not be able to bear the weight of Truck bull bars and their body can collide.


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