Travel Lifehacks: Want to Find Quiet Places in Las Vegas? See HOW!


You cannot find a lonely quiet place in such a noisy and bright city as Las Vegas. You probably came here to visit casino, hang out with your friends, and try as many attractions as you can. You can click here and rent a good car in the airport instead of wasting money for taxi. Even public transport in Vegas is not cheap. You have to spend about $10 for a bus ticket from the airport to the center! So, just forget it and make your journey comfortable with a good car for the price you like.

But if you want to spend time alone and relax for some time, far from people and casino, you should pick a right place for it! So, this can be useful for everyone who wants to reload for some time. Here are few places where you can do it!

Hotel Room

Your room is your castle, especially if you want to relax and take some rest. Of course, it is possible only when you travel alone and your hotel room is free from hot night parties, friendly visits, and naughty kids. By the way, spending time in the hotel suite in the middle of the day looks unnatural, especially in Vegas. Thus, let’s try to find few more chilling spots that you can find in the city.

Out of the City

This is the point when you badly need a car to get out of the city. As you know, Vegas is a city in the heart of the dessert. Why don’t you take a car and drive it somewhere to Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire? These nearby attractions are also popular to visit, but you cannot see a lot of tourists here.


SPA salon is the best relaxing and pleasant place that you can find even in your hotel. If you want you can book a room in a SPA Resort, where the hotel atmosphere is routed to relax you in different ways. SPA massages, face and body care procedures are not cheap!

Hotel Pool

Sometimes, you can spend a couple of lonely hours at the hotel pool. Of course, it depends on the hotel you are staying in and time of the day. Weekend hours are busy and noisy. You can take part in a hot pool party with zillion of drinks, modern music. How about come here in the early morning on weekday? If you are lucky, you can try to swim, lay in the sun and drink a couple of cocktails alone.

LUX Restaurant

You can find a lot of interesting restaurant in Vegas. As a rule, they are overcrowded. There is a chance to spend some time in a quiet atmosphere, enjoying your dinner. The restaurants here starts work at about They are almost empty at that time. The most of the people come for dinner after 7pm. to prolong their party in the casino or night club. What if you pick a restaurant where casino option is not available? It must be the quie test place ever!

Mandarin Oriental Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a good tradition that cannot be noisy! You are recommended to visit Mandarin Oriental lounge to have a cup of tea in a pleasant quiet atmosphere. Anyway, it is quieter than casino!

Mystic Falls Atrium

You can get to the Sam’s city from your hotel easily. It is right time to get out of  your car and walk along the marvelous walking paths, called Mystic Falls Atrium. Actually, it is always crowded here, but the garden is big and you have always a chance to find a quiet lonely bench on a huge territory to seat and read or just to think about something privately. Don’t come here on holidays – there is no free space at all!

West Wing Bar

This bar is a really quiet place, comparing with the rest of others in the city. It open st he door at 5pm, and this is the quiet best time to spend here. This can be also a nice place to meet with your friends after and make a plan for to night. Take your chance to buy the cheapest drink son happy hours, 5-8 pm.


So, as you can see, in Las Vegas everything depends on WHEN you go out to spend some time privately. Try to wake up early, about 5-7 am. These hours are really quiet! But if you don’t want to change something in your pace of living, you can find a couple of interesting and quiet place during the day. It often happens that you climb up the most popular observation platform to take some pictures in the early morning and surprisingly spend time in a company with yourself.

Speaking about the evening hours, the best time for you is 5 pm. This is the time, when the most of the restaurants are empty. Thus, looking for peace and quiet atmosphere in LasVegas, you should be an early riser or fearless explorer. Do you know more places to spend time in peace? Share in the comments below!


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