Four Ways to Save Money When Shopping During Sales


“Remember, your closet is already pretty full (aka jammed packed). So, shop well” -Author Unknown

Sale (noun)- A fashionista’s favorite four letter word

If there is anything that entices an individual straight to the mall, it is a four lettered word that simply states “sale”. Mall wide sales in Abreeza Mall or elsewhere, store sales and even retail shop sales would be enough to ensnare the senses of an ordinary shopper and beckon them inside. However, one must keep in mind that much like anything, sales are just a marketing ploy to tempt you into parting with your money under the guise of bargain deals and shopping discounts.

However, just because you have saved fifty percent on a particular item does not perfunctorily render it as a good deal. An item on sale does not automatically mean an excellent bargain. Unfortunately, these two sentiments are both alien concepts to shopaholics with a unique affinity for shopping malls and a penchant for purchasing things during a sale. Needless to say, smart shopping tips and advices would often fall to deaf ears. However, if you want to make wiser shopping decisions, do not indulge your whims and keep a level head when perusing items for sale–regardless of whether they are offered at a discount or not. In any case, here are some of the ways to shop smarter during mall sales:

1.) Do not justify your purchases with the fact that it is on sale
More often than not, you tend to hoard items that you do not really want nor need just because they are on sale. In this regard, you are accomplishing nothing but adding more clutter to your homes and overwhelming your existing storage space. To know whether you should buy an item or not is to glance at its full price. If it were being sold for that much, would you still buy it? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and add it to your cart. If not, leave it be as you probably do not need it at all.

2.) Do not buy too many perishables if you already have a lot at home
This means you should not buy anything that has an expiration date in bulk. Although this should not preclude you from buying skincare, makeup and beauty products, you should not buy too many of them at one time–not unless you are using them for professional services as well. You do not need five moisturizers at one time, but you end up hoarding a range of these products so as to review or test them out. Just commit to a few products and do not buy anything more unless you can commit to using them all before its expiration date.

3.) Before purchasing anything, sleep on it first
An excellent way to minimize your shopping impulses is to put all of the items you wish to buy in a cart, settle them elsewhere then sleep on it before proceeding to the checkout counter. If by the moment you wake up, you would still wish to buy these items then go ahead and proceed to the checkout lane with your basket cart. However, if you are not as enthusiastic about your purchase or perhaps, forgotten about them, then there is a good chance that you never really wanted them in the first place. Apart from mitigating the possibility of indulging your impulse, sleeping on it would allow you to make better shopping choices the next morning. Furthermore, it helps you avoid drunk purchases altogether as well.

4.) If you have to convince yourself to buy it, it is not worth it. You might be thinking of buying something that is a little out of your budget and because it is beyond your allowable financial expense, you tend to find reasons to justify your purchase. If you find yourself doing this, then you do not really need the item after all. If the thought of buying it is low-key stressing you out, it is definitely not worth it at all.


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