Giving Birth in the Winter? 4 Ways to Keep Your Newborn Healthy and Warm


Keeping a newborn warm during the winter can be challenging. Put too many layers on them, and they do not fit snugly in their car seats, potentially leading to a disaster if an accident happens. Yet, more children under the age of two suffer from hypothermia than any other age group. Here are some recommendations that will help keep a newborn warm in the winter.

Check Home Heating

Make sure your home is sufficiently heated. If you are experiencing a lot of drafts, you may need to hire an HVAC professional to provide you with heating service. Be sure that they check the main areas where the baby will be in the home, such as the nursery, bathroom, and living room. They will ensure all areas of your home are properly heated. Additionally, get your furnace tuned up, which will prevent it from dying when temperatures are frigid outside.

Use the Right Blankets

While it may be tempting to add extra blankets to the crib, this can lead to problems with babies getting them wrapped around their necks when no one is looking. Instead, choose a flannel crib sheet and a warm-footed pajama set. This should keep the baby warm all night long. Keep plenty on hand as you will want to change them if they get wet.

Dress Them Appropriately

While many parents pile on layers of clothing on their baby when it is cold outside, this often leads to the baby sweating. Then, they may get even colder. Instead, choose an inner layer that will help move moisture away from the baby’s body, a middle layer that will add warmth, and an outer layer that is water-resistant. Help prevent heat loss by covering the baby’s head and feet before going outside.

Warm Up the Car

When it is frigid outside, warm up the car before placing the baby inside. That way, you can dress the baby in fewer layers so that they fit securely in their car seat. Chances are that the baby will feel more comfortable during the ride, so they may be less cranky. Then, you can concentrate more on your driving and less on why your little one is crying. Additionally, you do not stand a chance of your baby becoming overheated during the trip.

Use these ideas and your own ingenuity to survive baby’s first winter. The result will be more comfortable and safe baby. Of course, that leads to you feeling more confident as a parent leaving a happier family.


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