Hiring the Best Wedding Dress Designer

Wedding Dress Designer

Wedding is one of the most awaited and anticipated moment one can ever hope for. Both the bride and groom get ready for their wedding and choose the best dress that they can get as it will be used only once and the beautiful moments will be captured as photographs. The dress selection can be usually quite difficult, for the bride. Every bride wants to wear a wedding dress where she will look no less than a princess.

In order to get the best design, the bride hires wedding dress designers who create stunning wedding dresses for herself. There are many reputed designers in Australia that have created stunning designs to their credit and have been in the field for a very long time. Here are some of the top wedding dress designers that a bride can go for:-

#1. Mia Solano @Luv Bridal and Formal

In order to create beautiful dresses, one must have a lot of experience. Mia Solano @ Luv Bridal and Formal has more than 30 years of experience in the field. They are completely dedicated and work very hard to make each bride look beautiful. For every bride, they create a different and unique design which is completely different from the other and each bride looks completely unique in their dresses. Each and every part of the dress is made with complete precision and is filled with small details. They are one of the top wedding dress designers, today.

#2. Jennifer Gifford Designs

Yet another one of the astonishing and top wedding designers who has been creating wedding dresses for a very long time. The fabric quality used in his dresses is very high and the dresses are made with complete dedication. She also offers a wide range of collections to choose from and each of them is the best choice for any bride.

#3. D’Italia

D’Italia will work with the bride to create a custom made wedding dress with the best fabric and quality.  They ask some questions to understand the type of dress to customize the dress as per the bride’s needs.  Hence they specialize in crafting dresses which fit in perfect for each bride.

#4. George Wu

George Wu is one of the leading designers because of the way they blend different types of styles to create a unique wedding dress. French lace, Italian embroideries, and silk fabrics are some of their specialties. The best thing about George Wu is that being one of the top wedding designers, they have an Instagram account where one can easily check out the different types of collections and designs they offer.

#5. Fara Couture

Fara Almasi has been creating wedding dresses for the past 20 years. They have a broad range of designs to choose from and each of them is made with the highest quality fabric. The designs and styles are also chosen by the bride herself so that the bride feels confident and beautiful in it.

#6. Georgia Young Couture

Georgia Young has many different types of designs which are untraditional and unique. She creates designs where the bride doesn’t look like a bride, but even better than that! As one of the top wedding designers, her designs are made for those brides who want more than just a traditional wedding dress.

All these top wedding dress designers are well experienced in their field and have made a lot of designs which have been liked by many brides all over. Each of them has a different type of appeal to their customers. Some of them make a traditional wedding dress, while others make untraditional wedding dresses.

The most important thing that a bride must look for in a designer is that they hear your opinion first and then only start making the design. If a designer doesn’t listen to the bride, then they must be completely avoided as they will not work with dedication to suit your style and requirement.


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