How Digital Marketing Is Ringing in a New Dawn in Innovation

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We are living in the age of Alexas, Cortana and Siri’s updating us about traffic and weather right after we wake up. For the more tech-savvy among us, our favorite Starbucks on-the-go order awaits us before we reach the store to pick it up on our way to work, all thanks to them. The friendly neighborhood persona such as Siri resides inside our tech devices – such as smartphones, laptops and tablets – to help us achieve a lot more and to become increasingly effective with each passing day.

Such are the times that we live in. With the future almost upon us, it is time to take a step back and look at the broader picture: how technology fits into the modern scheme of things. Apart from health and education sectors, marketing seems to be the next big thing that can make great use of the technological advancements of the current times.

This post explores the intricate ties between digital marketing and technological advancements of the modern times to bring about innovative marketing tactics. If you are a digital marketer interested in staying abreast of the latest happenings in your domain, then you should definitely go through this post. Along with the latest technological innovations, you will also gain insights into the must-know game-changing tactics in digital marketing for 2018.

Into the future: digital marketing and tech innovations

Keeping pace with the tech revolution, digital marketing tactics and practices go for major upheavals as well. Currently, the marketing landscape is pretty versatile and offers an inclusive approach for bringing out the best of the tech tools of the new age. Here are some of the major innovations that the advent of modern tech tools has brought upon digital marketing.

►    Mobile-first approaches

Studies reveal that users usually spend 69% of their media time on their smartphones these days. That goes a long way to show that a mobile-first approach for marketing is the need of the hour for digital marketers. Mobile-first approaches offer a world of scope for customization, access and engagement factors for your consumers. With mobile devices driving almost 80% of global Internet usage in the current year, it is time that you introduce an omnichannel marketing strategy that considers smartphone as an essential tool for digital marketing practices.

►    AI in digital marketing

Bringing in AI in digital marketing is beneficial for reasons more than one. If you want to increase your brand visibility and make sure that you are always in the right place at the right time for your clientele, an AI-powered marketing practice is a way to go. AI is still relatively new in the marketing sector, but most of the businesses have only got positive things to say about implementing an AI-enabled marketing strategy. From content creation applications to customizing features through predictive analysis, there is a lot that AI can do for your business digitally.

►    Blockchain and digital marketing

The blockchain is the newest kid in the block (pun intended) and is one of the trending topics that users are looking up on Google these days. It unregulated features make it the perfect thing to dabble in business strategies, allowing a lot of freedom for business operations as well as promotions. As the blockchain technology evolves and takes shape, digital marketers can try their hand at monitoring customer transactions across all platforms. B2B digital marketers have tonnes to benefit if they can blend blockchain technology for large and frequent transactions.

►    Capturing micro-moments

Micro-moments are all about urgency and relevance. From booking a cab to locating the nearest chemist, the entire digital marketing platform is largely dependent on the micro-moments in the new age. Ensuring that your business can readily answer the micro-moment search queries like “I want to go,” “I want to buy,” “I want to do,” and “I want to know” micro-moments have the potential to take your business to great heights if used to your advantage. Digital marketers of the current times should thus make sure that they develop a marketing strategy keeping micro-moments and their growing popularity in mind.

►    Increased focus on influencer marketing

Using influencers or iconic social media figures to take the marketing game up a notch is the latest trend doing the rounds for digital marketing. Influencers are popular on social media and have a large number of followers. Leveraging their popularity, digital marketers can design a strategy to market their products and services through influencers. They usually have a niche and stick to it, so it is best to identify the influencers of your industry at first. Innovating ways to promote products and services with the help of influencers online is thus one of the leading trends this year.

►    UX and chatbots for marketing

Enhancing UX or “user experience” through chatbots is gradually making their way to the marketing tactics for almost all organizations that have an online presence nowadays. Taking customization and AI to the next level, chatbots are fabulous tools that help marketers manage customer interactions in style. Chatbots serve the purpose of customer engagement through real-time conversations online. Marketers of the modern age can establish brand credibility, boost conversion rates and create customized promotional offers for their consumers using chatbots for marketing effectively.

►    Voice search and digital marketing

This is where SEO comes into play for digital marketers. In the most dynamic realm of marketing, voice search plays a unique role in shaping the current policies and plans for a business. With voice search users growing in number by the day, digital marketers should incorporate it as one of the primary aspects of marketing tactics. Studies show that around 40% of the millennial generation use voice search daily and the number is growing with each passing day. Hence, the need to include it as one of the vital technological factors for digital marketing cannot be brushed off anymore.

Be it AI or blockchain, technology is sure to have a significant role to play in shaping the latest digital marketing trends for this year. Merging tech tools and with the best digital marketing practices can take your business forward by leaps and bounds. Digital marketing has something to offer for everyone – right from the florist down the corner to an e-commerce biggie – and it is best to jump on the bandwagon if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Fuse your business goals with the latest tech-powered digital marketing practices, and you will have those conversion rates shooting through the roof in no time at all! Good luck!

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