How to Choose the Best Oncologist?


As we all know that cancer is one of the most terrifying diseases to suffer from therefore nobody should compromise with its treatment. One mistake can take your life, so you should definitely look out for the best oncologist for its treatment, but the question arises that how to choose the best oncologist? Whether you should ask a number of people or check the google reviews? should check the Hospital facility or Oncologist Experience? consider money or not to get the best treatment? Many such types of questions are running in your mind. Worry not!!

To aid you in that we have made a list of factors which you should consider before choosing the oncologist. Go through the complete list and learn about how to choose the best oncologist.

#1 Look into the Credentials of the Oncologist

Having a look at the credentials of the Oncologist is the first thing which the patient should look out for. Check it out whether the oncologist is certified from the board or not or he/she has received any advanced training or passed a high-level examination. Board’s certification is the proof for the doctor’s knowledge, skills, expertise, etc in the field of their practice.

#2 Type of Cancer

It is important to look whether the doctor treats the specific type of cancer you have. Every doctor has his own area of expertise such as oncologist which treats the gynecologic cancers such as ovarian or cervical cancers, or who treats cancer in children (cancers that most often occur in children), or who treats the blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma etc, therefore, it is important to check whether such doctor is providing the treatment of that specific cancer you have.

#3. Type of Oncologist

After determining the type of cancer it is also important to determine the type of oncologist. Your treatment plan will determine which oncologist you will need. You may need a medical oncologist who treats cancer using chemotherapy or targeted therapy, or a surgical oncologist who removes the tumor using surgery, or radiation oncologist who treats cancer by using radiation therapy.

#4 Experience

Experience makes a person well aware of all the different types of situations which he or she might face. It is obvious that the experienced oncologist will understand your situation in a better way. Along the experience, the number of successful cases is equally important to consider.

#5 Qualification and Training

Most people have a mind that the metals, trophies, and certificates which are hanging on the back wall are just for decoration purpose. No, they are not. The metals, trophies, and certificates show the qualification and knowledge of the doctor in that field. So, it is suggested to check the qualification of the doctor before undergoing treatment.

#6. Talk to your Family and Friends

Always take advice from your family or friends and especially from those who have already received this treatment, most preferably for the same type of cancer if any. You can ask them everything like how was the treatment, how much time it takes to recover, what were the side effects of their treatment, insurance plan they accept for the treatment etc.

#7 Quality of Service

This is again an important factor to consider. This is moreover a factor to check in the hospital. Have a look at the facilities and infrastructure which you need at the hospital. Also, get the knowledge about the machinery and methods which the doctors are going to use to treat you. You can also check the staff supporting the hospital such as an Oncology Nurse, Patient Navigator, physician assistant, pathologist, Dietitian, a counselor etc. Simply find out that how they would be involved in your care.

#8 Go with one to one communication

Always have a relaxed and long one to one communication with the doctor. Explain your complete situation to the doctor and listen to the doctor what he has to say about your situation. Put up all the questions which are striking your mind and evaluate the communication. Only go with the doctor, if you feel comfortable with the way the doctor has communicated and answered to your questions.

#9 Check the Reviews

Always check what others say about the oncologist and about the clinic/ hospital. Also, read about the staff and quality of service.

#10 Check the Post Treatment Offers

The post-treatment care is one of the most important things to consider. The recovery won’t be complete if proper care is not taken by the patient. The better the post-treatment care, the faster the recovery of the patient.

These are the seven important factors which one should look out to choose the best oncologist. If you have any query, you can ask them through comments. Stay connected for much such type of contents.



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