How To Choose The Perfect Stationery For Your Wedding


When it comes to wedding stationery, style is everything. In fact, the type of wedding stationery you choose can set the tone for your entire event, from color scheme to formality and more. However, choosing wedding stationery is no easy task. The sheer amount you need is enough to overwhelm any couple.

So, to help you navigate the world of wedding paper and what goes into it, here’s a breakdown of invitations, cards and other stationery needs, as well as what to look for when you shop.

Wedding Stationery Musts

While there are many kinds of options for wedding stationery, not all of them are necessities. When you’re planning for your big day, these are the basics:

  • Invitations. Your wedding invitations should match the overall tone and style of your wedding day, whether that’s formal or casual or somewhere in between. Keep the wording short and sweet, include all pertinent information on host names, couple’s names, wedding date, event times and locations. Also include a response card with a reply-by date.
  • Thank you cards. Thank you notes are just as important as invitations. Etiquette recommends handwritten cards for every guest who attended, every gift you received and every vendor who worked to make your day possible.
  • Seating information. If you’re having a formal reception, you’ll need a seating chart that directs guests to their tables. If seating is more relaxed, you’ll still want to communicate directions to your guests with a “no seating plan” sign. Either way, use wedding stationery that matches your event’s style.

The three types of paper above are the requirements for a wedding celebration — all you need for your event’s stationery. Still, though, there are many additional ways to add style to your day with other paper products.

Optional Extras

In addition to the expected pieces of wedding stationery, there are various extras that can enhance your day. Here are some optional add-ons you may want to consider.

  • Save-the-date cards: Particularly if you’re hosting a destination wedding or a wedding around a busy travel season, giving guests ample time to prepare is considerate.
  • Wedding programs: Give your guests a schedule of events and honor members of the wedding party with custom programs handed out at your ceremony.
  • Table numbers: Help guests find their assigned seating with table numbers marking each table.
  • Place cards: If you’re offering guests a meal selection, the caterer may want you to note choices somewhere, such as on place cards at the tables. Place cards are also a nice formality that guides guests to their seats.
  • Menus: Whether you’re hosting a sit-down meal or a buffet-style celebration, custom menus are a fun way to let guests know what you’re serving.

Beyond these ideas, you might want to use stationery in other ways. A few more possibilities include welcome bags for out-of-town guests, invitations for showers or the rehearsal dinner, or signs to mark the guest book table or gift table. These ideas are all optional, dependent upon your goals for your wedding day.

What to Look for in Designs

As you’re exploring possibilities for wedding stationery products, there are a few key characteristics to keep in mind. To choose the best paper for your wedding, always consider:

  • Level of formality. Will your wedding be casual, formal, relaxed, chic or something else? Start there and choose your stationery accordingly.
  • Season and colors. Consider the time of year and wedding colors with which you’re working, and see if they might be worth incorporating into your stationery design.
  • Cohesiveness. Whether you have three pieces of wedding stationery or a dozen, one important element for the sake of style is cohesiveness. Source all paper products from one stationer and seek a unified look that ties everything together.
  • Suppliers. There are many different places to source stationery today. Shop around, read testimonials and explore your options before deciding which one to use.

When planning your wedding, it’s vital to pick the proper stationery to communicate information to your guests and reinforce the chosen theme of your big day. Use the tips above to guide your efforts — and choose a suite of papers that will complete the magic of your wedding!

Author bio: Paul Cervelli is President of Cervelli has more than 25 years of personalization experience in the stationery, invitation and gift-giving channels.


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