How to Choose the Right Decorative Shutters to Match Your Home Style

Window Shutters

Shutters can be decorative or operational. This is one of the major decisions you have to make when choosing window shutters. There are many more ideas that will inform the type of shutter you install on your house.

The reason for choosing a style is to ensure that the appearance of the house is as you would desire. There are neighborhoods that dictate the kind of shutters to be installed. You also have to balance other factors when choosing shutters for your home.

  • Architectural Style of Your House

Shutters come in different styles and designs. These designs have an impact on the ultimate appearance and functionality of your house. There are styles that are historic while others are dictated by the prevailing environmental conditions.

Here is a look at some of the styles available in the market and the kind of market or environment where they fit best.

  1. Colonial Shutters- these shutters draw their inspiration from colonial homes, Victorian-style homes, and federal styled homes. The shutters are perfect for homeowners who would prefer the old way or appearance when protecting their homes. They are easy to close and will, therefore, provide protection when you have an emergency storm to deal with. They play both functional and decorative role.
  2. Bahama Shutters- the shutters were common on houses built by British colonialists. They are common for decorative purposes and can fit on houses of different architectural designs. They, therefore, provide the perfect shutter option for cottages, beach bungalows, and contemporary designed houses. They also fit ranch styled homes or Cape Cod. They also offer effective protection during storms by closing easily during a storm.
  3. Board and Batten Shutters– the design is so basic that they appear to have been the pioneers in shutter development. They are designed to provide maximum protection with the use of aluminum. They are also very durable and therefore provide long term value for money. They will fit in classic house designs like Ranch or Cape Cod as well as Spanish or Mediterranean.
  4. Raised Panel Shutters- they can be considered more of functional than decorative shutters. They enhance traditional colonial homes, federal manor homes, and the quaint craft cottages, among other architectural designs. They will standout on homes with enhanced pillars like Greek Revival design.

There are other unique designs that you might want to consider. The guidance of a professional company dealing with the installation of shutters will prove valuable. It ensures that you get shutters that will meet your expectations.

  • Personal Preference

Shutters should be chosen considering personal preferences. Each homeowner has a preferred color, pattern, and dimensions for window shutters. Until these elements are considered, the decision you make will not be pleasing.

The market has shutters of different types to suit the preferences of different homeowners. You will find shutters made of wood, metal sheets and synthetic materials, among other options. This means that your preferences and desires will be met.

You may also ask a fabricator to design unique shutters for you. Such a customized design allows you to match the unique, and especially contemporary, architectural design you have chosen. The shutters are also designed to handle your unique challenges like strong storm or window sizes, elements that might not be served by shutters that already exist in the market.

  • Fabrication Dynamics

It is not always that you will find the exact shutters you are looking for. This means that you will engage a technician to design and fabricate the shutters for you. This comes at a cost that will be different from what you would spend with pre-fabricated shutters.

The internet will give you ideas that you may want to try. Other ideas will come from property and lifestyle shows and magazines. In other cases, you find ideas during travel or normal duties. Trying these ideas out requires the resources and availability of a professional to handle the fabrication. It means that your ideas will only be executed if you can find the right people.

  • Neighborhood Restrictions

Gated communities and estates give restrictions on the window shutters that can be installed. The designs and appearances of houses in an estate must be uniform. This means that you cannot install shutters that are not in line with your desired designs.

There are states that do not dictate the architectural options people can choose. This means that you have more options to choose from. It leaves you with the option of designing and installing your preferred shutter design.

  • Budget

There is a price to pay for the shutter option you choose. You also have a budget that determines how much you are willing to spend. It is this budget that will determine the style of shutters and features it will contain.

Shutters are available at different prices. The price will be determined by the type of material used, size and design. Shutters made of steel and that are large in size will be expensive.

The best way to get value for money is to shop for shutters from different suppliers. Get quotations from multiple suppliers by providing them with similar details. You will identify the supplier offering the best price. You must confirm that the low price will not come with poor quality shutters.

  • Decorative or Operational

The purpose of installing shutters plays a huge role in the choice you make. Shutters can be installed for decorative purposes or for a specific purpose like protecting your windows and interior during a storm. The purpose will determine the features your shutters will have.

Shutters meant to protect your house during a storm are made of high-quality materials like heavy wood or steel. Shutters for decoration purposes can be made of light material and different colors. The choices are wider if you are using shutters for decoration purposes.

The guidance of an experienced professional when choosing decorative shutters will help you make a better decision. Shutters are an investment you will be making towards improving on the appearance of your house. Be ready to invest a reasonable amount to get the quality and style of shutter you would want for your home.


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