How to Demonstrate Academic Integrity in Your College


Demonstrating academic integrity at college and university level means working and presenting yourself in an ethical manner not only through your academic commitments, but also is your personal discipline.

Starting from the basics, academic integrity covers avoiding all forms of classroom and studies dishonesty such as copying from others, cheating in the exam, helping others inappropriately. While plagiarism is also a major part of lack of academic integrity where students tend to copy someone else content without crediting them for their work.

Here are some of the aspects that students must cater to display the best academic integrity in their work and body language.

Communicate Effectively With Your Teachers

Asking the teachers to meet outside the classroom indicates the student’s commitment and sincerity with the studies and the willingness to understand the course objectives. This is how you communicate with the instructors.

Don’t hesitate to approach the teachers

College and university teachers are sufficiently aware of the fact that students need constant mentoring and motivational talks to keep them interested in their major and acquire confidence to overcome challenges. This is why they are willing to work with you in your research papers, prepare case studies and live demonstrations, and more.

However, the initiative is all onto the students. Try to connect with your teacher in their free hours or through an email.

Prepare for meetings with your teachers

Write down your queries and concerns in advance of a meeting. If you require help with an academic paper, cover the aspects of reliable sources, subtopics, drafts, outlines, etc. you have done until now. The point is to let your teacher guide you through your confusions and get yourself prepare for the next meeting.

Keep your teachers in touch

Unexcused absents from the lectures tend to get trust off you for the teacher and even affect your grades considerably. In case you have a solid reason for not attending the class, inform your teacher beforehand. Not only within your academic tenure, but students should even stay in touch with their instructors after graduation. You still have a lot to learn from them regarding the practical life and future career prospects.

Use Digital Tools Effectively

You might wonder how the use of electronic tools translates into academic integrity. Students should know that the modernized classrooms rely heavily on the use of educational mobile apps and MS office tools for quality learning. Even teachers incorporate the digital elements in their instructional strategy to hone their teaching skills.

This is why students are advised to make the right use of such tools for sending their assignments, queries, and cater other academic commitments in a timely manner.

Furthermore Cheap Essay 247, many college libraries provide an online medium from reference librarians, while many teachers use course management systems to display course content and writing projects. Students and teachers can also host discussions forums where a particular topic can be discussed at length with students writing their own views.

Additionally, you can use Google Drive and Docs for group-based projects. It doesn’t matter whatever online medium you choose, you should always remember the following rules: text your teacher only when allowed, use appropriate language, familiarize yourself with the course management system acquired, and be assertive in your communication and respect others.


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