How to Increase Email Conversion Rate?

Increase Email Conversion

Email marketing is a great way to generate sales and nurture prospective buyers but attention competition is steep. What makes your email unique from the rest? There exists an art of creating an eye-catching, compelling email and this art makes the difference between the trash can and making a sale. Consider what makes you leap from a skim to a click. Maybe a title will grab your attention or it is the clean, sleek layout. Whatever that it is, try thinking about whether or not your campaign includes these aspects. These things will increase your rates of converting emails, which will raise your return on investment and sales. Therefore, in case you do not have email marketing tools in your business, it is time to change!

Captivating Title

The first thing you see is the title and it is the deciding factor on whether you are or you are not opening the email. To increase the rate of opening the email, you need to make sure that the subject is stating “twenty percent off for novel customers” and not “discount for new customers because the earlier is direct and gives added info.

In the email body, make the title outstanding. Make its font large, different color, or bold. Make sure it flows in the overall design of the email; otherwise you run the risk of deterring buyers.

Clear Call-to-Action

Your readers should not be asking about what to do to get the deal. The call-to-action should be clear, visible, and not surrounded by clutter – it should have well-stated, simple directions on the things to do. Less can be more with the call to action especially when talking about steps the reader needs to take to redeem the offer. The harder and longer you make somebody work for the offer the greater the chance to give up.

It is reasonable to narrow down to three steps with the leading one being ‘click here!’ to direct the buyer to the landing page of the offer. The landing page needs to be clear, clean, and contain no additional distractions or advertisements. Landing pages are vital because they reduce the steps and make it easy for the reader to redeem the offer. The landing page needs to load very fast; meaning, you need a streamlined design that does not include high-quality images and GIFs.

Segmented lists and targeted emails

It is not hard to segment your email list and it becomes easy to increase your conversion and click-through rates. Email marketing tools like mail chimp reported an increased open rate of twenty-one percent on segmented emails. Personalization is important because it makes the reader feel special and shows them that they are not wasting time with emails that are unnecessary. You can segment your lists based on the shopping history, by location, by personas like job title or gender, and by the level of engagement. Consider readers, engage your team members, and begin segmenting. You will realize success in conversion.

Great Copywriting

The cliché ‘content is king’ will remain in place for long. The emails need to be enthusiastic and engaging about the product, the subject, or the company. The content has to invoke emotional responses with readers, make them care, make them laugh, and gain their trust. You will have to use captivating headlines to catch attention, include keywords in a natural way, use the correct language to write to the reader, and make the content scannable by use of small paragraphs and bullets.


While employing email marketing tools, it is good to remember that you need to send reminder emails after understanding the purchase cycle of the client. When does the offer expire? Did they purchase it? In the place of allowing the offer to expire with the hope that they will renew, email them to renew the offer. You can include an incentive for signing up to a longer subscription.


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