Tips On How to Maintain an Air Compressor Machine?


An air compressor machine is a must have in every garage or home. Particularly for that homeowner who is enthusiastic about Do It Yourself projects around the house, an air compressor proves to be a true asset. An air compressor serves numerous purposes, it can be used to inflate air beds, PVC boats and swimming pools, and the most obvious use of a compressor is to inflate tires.Regular use of an air compressor can however limit the effectiveness of the machine. So how do you make sure you properly maintain your compressor machine to ensure it serves you well even after years of use? Here are some pointers;

Try to see if the safety turnoff works

Many air compressor machines have a safety system that automatically turns off or shuts down the machine. This system is triggered when the engine oil’s pressure is below the required levels or if the machine over heats. Testing to see if the safety turnoff is working helps guarantee durability of your compressor machine.

Regularly empty water accumulated in the tanks

Air contains moisture. The work of a compressor machine is to collect air, separate the moisture and deliver only compressed air to your tires. This moisture accumulates in a tank and needs to be drained every once in a while to make space for more moisture the next time the machine is in use.

Clean the vents

This applies mainly to air compressor machines meant for commercial purposes. Owing to the compressors frequent use in a relatively dusty environment, this machine’s speed and quality of work is bound to deteriorate. To avoid this however, check and clean thecompressor’s vents as many times as possible after use.

Make sure the bolts and screws are tightly in place

Most air compressors tend to be noisy when running. They also vibrate a lot. This could cause certain nuts, bolts and screws to loosen.Make a habit of tightening these fasteners. Otherwise, you’ll have an air compressor machine that keeps on breaking down instead of working as desired.

Inspect your air hose frequently

Remember only compressed air should get into your tires. If your air hose is cracked and worn out then it may cause compressed air to escape or non compressed air to sip in. This can put a strain on your compressor machine or cause damage on your tires respectively. Inspecting your hose on a regular means you are able to promptly identify irregularities and replacing it if need be.

Properly clean Heat exchangers.

Dirtyheat exchangers mean that they are ineffective at keeping the compressor’s temperatures low. This can lead to overheating and ultimately the compressor machine may break down completely. Clean the heat exchangers as many times as is necessary and in return, you will be able to use your machine for long without it overheating.

Replace air filters often

Air filters serve the crucial purpose of sieving dirt from the air to deliver only clean compressed air to your balls and tires. A dirty air filter makes the compressor machine work extra hard to try to get air in. This may limit the life of your machine and also risk getting dirty air in.Depending on how often you use your compressor machine, take a moment every few months to check if the filters need to be replaced.

Fuel tank clean up

Many air compressor engines require oil in order to run smoothly. At least once a year, make the point of cleaning the compressor machine’s engine to get rid of all oil residue which tends to accumulate over time. In return, your air compressor’s engine will continue to run smoothly even after years of use.

Carefully read your compressor’s manual

Not all air compressors are the same. Some fail to read the manual, and go straight to operating their air compressor machine. If you’re lucky the machine will operate just fine but the unlucky majority quickly regret not reading the manual once the machine completely breaks down. A manual contains important and detailed information on how to operate and maintain that particular air compressor machine. Reading it through keeps you from incurring repair losses.

The above pointers are sure ways of keeping your air compressor machine working in superb condition years after you purchased it. You will spend little to nothing on repair costs and have the satisfaction and peace of mind of knowing that your compressor will not fail on you when you least expect it.


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