How To Utilize An Empty Lipstick Container?


We have many lipstick containers and we don’t throw them, right? Well, let me tell you an empty lipstick container can be used in various ways.

How to clean the lipstick tube?

First of all, you need to remove the cap and twist the stuck lipstick until the tube gets empty. Just throw away the spare lipstick or keep it safe for further use. Now you have an empty tube except for some remaining contents on the sides. Also, a small piece of plastic is placed inside the tube and you can remove it with either your hand or you might need a narrow piece of metal to take it off.

Ways to upcycle the lipstick containers

Rather than recycling your empty lipstick containers, you can upcycle them into new, magical creations.

Following are the ways of doing that:

  • Are you a salt and pepper fan? Do you need it for every dinner? Well, this is the fix. You will never have to struggle with extra salty craving when this is on hand.
  • You are out with messy hair and want to put your hair up? Putting some bobby pins in an old lipstick container is a super-easy solution. This way, they won’t scatter in your bag.
  • Want to gift a mini snow globe to friends or family? This cute and festive gift can be prepared in an empty tube.
  • Isn’t it awful and disgusting to have something stuck in your teeth while you’re surrounded in public? Carrying toothpicks in a container is exceedingly helpful. You can take them everywhere without getting worried about anything nasty getting stuck in your teeth.
  • Turning a container into minion figures is a great way to play with kiddos. Even without kids, you can make these adorable minions for decorating in your room.
  • Are you a regular money hider? Do you hide the money in your cupboard or under the clothes? I bet now one would ever look in a lipstick container. Who would ever think to look here, eh?
  • You can turn the containers into keychains. Not only this is an exceedingly cute idea but you can also store in things.
  • Having a mini flashlight on hand is vital, so why not turn your lipstick container into a flashlight? You can keep it in your bag every time and you’ll be prepared whenever the power goes out.
  • Have you ever imagined creating a lipstick container into an adorable piece of the pen? Who cares if the school has ended? It’s important to keep the pen in the bag all time, every time.
  • Mini plants are in trend these days. You can upcycle your lipstick container to make the desk of cutest mini pots for your mini plants.
  • You can also reuse your old lipstick container by making a new lip balm. If you have some lipsticks laying around, you can mix all of them to give a new tint.


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