Importance of handwriting


Despite the popular belief that handwriting is dead, it is still being applied in different ways ranging from typing texts on digital devices or writing on a piece of paper.

There has been a lot of debate regarding the importance of cursive writing being taught with some people claiming that it is no longer necessary and others pointing out its importance which includes helping dyslexic students and promoting essay writing.

The debate has shown that handwriting is being given the importance it should receive in the educational and cultural systems. However, in the era of digital platforms taking over most operations, handwriting is still very crucial. This is because:

It promotes cognitive development

The connection between handwriting and cognitive development has been backed up by many research studies. Through handwriting, the student gets to understand the connection between different letters and spellings. Writing manually also helps the brain to differentiate what is spoken and what should be retained. This distinction is important in promoting the learning experience, especially where education is concerned.

According to one study published in typing leads to more recording of what is being taught while taking notes by hand leads to better sieving of that information. With the latter option, the student ends up understanding more of what is being taught through their selection. This “generative note taking” was found to be more effective since the content passes through the brain where it is filtered and only what is important is kept and written down. This also helps with remembering what was taught.

It enhances creativity

Most writers have reported that writing manually instead of typing helps them become more creative. This line of thought has been supported by others such as the University of Washington that did research and found that “children wrote longer, faster and in more complete sentences” when they are not typing.

It can be concluded that while computers are great and faster at other things, promoting creativity isn’t one of those things. The complexity of writing by hand, on the other hand, is more beneficial. It allows most parts of the brain to be engaged, a fact supported by science. Handwriting brings out the subconscious aspects of the brain which results in more creativity.

It is more personal

In the current generation where typing is more effortless, writing manually brings out a personal touch that is more often appreciated. When you write by hand, it shows that you’re more thoughtful and you put a lot of time in the message you’re trying to pass across. It also gives you the memory retention advantages.

Cursive writing, especially in notes or birthday cards, show your appreciation of the other person more. It helps you connect on a “deeper” level and brings out your uniqueness while showing how thoughtful you are.


Handwriting can help you achieve a number of things. Such as helping you remember what you’re taught in class, practice your brain and keep you “sharp”, and showcasing your thoughtfulness among others. It also keeps your brain active while improving your communication skills.

In the current age when technology has taken over, handwriting can bring a personal touch to written content. The effects of handwriting can be felt more since computers and other digital gadgets have taken over communication. You should, therefore, write and try to feel these effects since they are all positive.


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