Installing Hydraulic Home Elevators? Here’s What You Need To Keep In Mind

hydraulic elevators

If you are an elderly person having difficulty moving around in your own home or your stairs are one of those inconvenient ones, home lifts are the go-to solution to these problems. Residential Elevators help you enjoy convenience and add value to your home. These elevators come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Their specifications can be altered according your needs and home interior.

Imagine how simpler your life would be if you have a home elevator.

Your home lift requirements may vary according to your needs but you would surely want a lift that can be used in long term.

Hydraulic home lifts are built for long-term & frequent use. They are heavy-duty lifts that operate very smoothly and don’t make that noise lifts usually make. They work with a hydraulic pump that is attached to a cylinder. This cylinder raises and lowers the lift cab.

The elevator can be used for up to 50 ft. or six stops and are available in a various different configurations and designs. These lifts are usually designed with a 3’x4’ interior that can carry up to 750 lbs. weight, however, you can alter its design and specifications according to your requirements.
There are various things that should be kept in mind before getting a hydraulic elevator for your home.


The first and foremost among these things is the cost of a hydraulic lift.

These elevators are the most expensive ones amongst all home elevators. But they’re still worth investing in. The exact cost of these elevators depends on a number of factors like the number of floors it will be serving, number of cab openings, finishing, code requirements, and possible upgrades. Also, you would never prefer price over safety. Hydraulic elevator upgrade processes consist of alterations that ensure that the elevator is completely safe for use.

As lifts age, some of its parts can tire out and need to get replaced. In addition to this, other modifications may be needed to improve lift functioning and safety. New developments can be made in Hydraulic Elevators to make them accessible for disabled people. If you have someone in your home who’s on wheelchair, you will have to alter your lift specifications accordingly to ensure safe transportation of the wheelchair using person. These alterations can include making the cab size larger and ensuring that the controls are easily accessible. The cost of Hydraulic elevators vary with these essential modernization.


Its installation involves the following steps:

  • Hydraulic elevators function with the help of a piston that moves inside the cylinder.
  • Hydraulic oil is pumped by the electric motor into the cylinder which moves that piston. This piston then smoothly lifts and lowers the elevator cab.
  • Hydraulic elevators are durable elevators and are usually used in building with five to six floors. They are also sometimes installed in buildings with up to 8 floors.
  • The operational speed of these elevators is about 200 ft. per minute and they do not use any large overhead lifting equipment like gear-less and geared lifts do.
  • Another important aspect of hydraulic elevators that should be mentioned here is regarding their pumps.
  • All new hydraulic pumps either have a mechanical Y-delta or a Solid-State Contractor starter. The Solid-State starters are better for elevator’s motor and building’s power supply as its windings last for a long period of time and help avoid any voltage drops across the building’s power supply line.
  • Y-Delta starters on the other hand user two contractors. They start the motor on a low speed and then jump to full speed.
  • The elevators with Y-Delta starters start abruptly and put strain on the motor. It is due to this reason that motors on Y-Delta starter burn out quickly as compared to Solid-State Contractor starters.


What should the elevator’s interior look like? This is a question that you must ask yourself before installing a Hydraulic elevator in your house. The standard model is usually 4 ft. deep and 3 ft. wide with 750 lbs. carrying capacity. However, you can alter the specifications and dimensions according to your needs and available space. Coming to the finishing of the elevator, you will have a variety of options to choose from. You can choose interior’s material color, and if you want a basic metal finish or a modern luxury finish with wood panels etc. You can design the interior of your home elevator in whatever way you like.


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