Know-How To Maintain And Change Your Vehicle’s Alternator

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An alternator is a mechanical device in an automobile that supplies electrical power in the automobile. The job of an alternator is to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy while the engine is running. Like any other machine, Alternators too wear down over time and a failing alternator may affect the car’s efficiency in many ways. So, alternator replacement is one of the vital things that you need to take care of during regular maintenance of your car. For your car’s alternator replacement, we recommend you hire a professional to get the job done.


Signs That Your Alternator’s Performance Is Deteriorating

The first thing that you need to understand regarding alternator replacement is to learn about the signs which inform you about the condition of your vehicle’s alternator.  Correctly identifying these signs would help you to anticipate beforehand so that you get it checked by a mechanic to avoid any sort of unwanted situation while you are one the road.

One of the common signs of a failing alternator is the pulsating of the headlight at night from being dim to bright. Also, if you are charging more than one electronic equipment simultaneously the alternator may not last long.

There could be other signs such as a burning smell coming out from the alternator or the battery. Also, look for the alternator warning light on the dashboard.  If they are turned on that means you have to go for an alternator replacement. A failing alternator may also make the car radio to work intermittently or cause squealing noise from your car’s engine.

Maintaining The Alternator

The price of alternator replacement could be a hefty one which can also vary depending on the model and capacity of the vehicle. Thus, it becomes vital to regularly check and service your vehicle’s alternator so that its life can be extended and you can save yourself from spending a large amount.

Avoid jumpstarts and do not overload your car with numerous accessory systems that would put extra load on your alternator. A tight alternator belt may also promote early wear and tear and thus you may have no option other than alternator replacement prematurely.

Also, check out for the warranty period of the alternator. Most alternators come with a warranty of one year. But you can also get alternators with a longer warranty period although they could be a bit costly. However, before buying any alternator it is better to consult your car mechanic.

7 Simple Steps To Change Your Vehicle’ Alternator

With a bit of knowledge and some tools, you can have your alternator replacement at home by yourself and save a few extra bucks.

Step1. Disconnect the battery

This is to make sure that you do not come across a live wire while replacing the alternator. Also, you would avoid the chance of grounding a live wire.

Step2. Disconnect the wires

Disconnect the wires from the back of your vehicle’s alternator. You can make markings on the wires so that it becomes easier for you to reconnect on the new alternator.

Step3. Remove the pulley from the belt

This is a bit difficult. You must do it carefully making sure that neither the alternator nor the pulley is harmed by the screwdriver.

Step4. Remove the bolts

Remove all the bolts from the bracket.  Generally, there are two bolts one at the front and the other one at the rear.

Step5. Take out the old alternator

Now you are half done with the job. Put the new alternator.

Step6. Examine the replacement

Be sure to check once before reassembling the parts back.

Step7. Reassemble

Reassemble the bolts and the pulley back.

The alternator is one of the important components of your vehicle. Maintaining it with proper care and having bit knowledge is mandatory to increase the life of your car. Moreover, it will keep you safe while you are out there on the roads.


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