Kohler Generators Are One of The Best Whole House Generators


It was in 1873 that John Michael Kohler established Kohler Company. This manufacturing company is based in Kohler, Wisconsin. Besides generators and engines, it is also well known for various consumer products such as plumbing products, furniture, cabinetry, and tiles. Kohler uses gas-powered engines in its generators. All units come with outlets where one can directly plug in extension cords, electric-powered tools, and appliances. Kohler produces some of the best whole house generators.

Kohler generators work quietly to power up the heating, cooling, and all home appliance. In the recent cold spell that hit cities in the Midwest, thousands of people were left without power. The barometer fell to -32 Celsius with wind chills of -50 Celsius as rivers froze, schools shut down and warning centers set up. Sixteen people died due to these frigid conditions. The authorities advised all to stay home. Homes that had a generator could still stay warm. The extreme weather conditions are caused by climate change and all need to keep well prepared for it. Every household needs a generator to stay indoors when travel warnings are in place, as you cannot head out to your friends or relatives. People that go out may get frostbitten which can cause loss of limbs.

Before buying a generator, it is a good idea to first calculate your power needs as each home is different from the power requirements. The amount of power you need is dictated by the items you want to power up. Electricity consumption is highest when the appliances are starting up, so it is good to calculate the starting watts and pick up a unit that is rated higher than your total calculations. Next, look at how quiet they are as the noisy units can cause hearing problems. Some engines consume more fuel than the others and when you buy a fuel-efficient unit you get to save on fuel expense. If you plan to buy a portable unit, look for the better run time. Longer run time is better as you can run it for more hours at a full fuel tank. If you want to use it for only backyard parties than a unit with a small fuel tank will be fine. Do look for low oil shutdown and a fuel gauge that allows you to check the fuel level and the remaining run-time. Make sure it has ample outlets, so you can spread the load. Only plug in the low wattage appliance to the generator directly.

For homeowners with a larger furnace, a 6500-watt generator is ample. You can run all the essential items with ease. The furnace itself will consume no more than 1000 to 1500 watts. For as long as there is no grid power available you can stay safe and warm indoors. It is advisable not to use the generator inside the house. You may store it in the barn or garage but never run it there. These devices have to be kept at least 15 feet away from the house. The portable units can be moved around easily with the help of wheels and you need to point the exhaust away from the windows and doors. If it rains, you will need to create a shelter for it as it is dangerous to run a generator in the rain. The rainwater can get into the outlets and cause a short circuit, sparking and fire. The standby units are always installed on a slightly raised surface that has to be kept dry. A canopy like structure helps keep the generator dry.

In a generator, there can be electric surges that damage equipment hooked to it. To prevent any sort of financial damage, avoid investing in a model that does not have a good sine wave. The inverter generators are gaining popularity as they are specially designed to give clean power. Some models come with autoloading regulators, idle control, and enhanced sound reduction features and these will be a better choice.

If you have not bought a whole house generator yet, it is time enough to do so. Currently, the best-rated units are Champion Power Equipment 14kW Home Standby Generator, Generac 22kW Whole House Generator, Briggs & Stratton 20,000-Watt Standby Generator, and KOHLER 20RESCL Whole House Generator.

Champion 14kW 100174 Standby Generator with an automatic transfer switch is an air-cooled generator that comes with a 10-year warranty and lifetime support. It costs only $3539 and can be bought on credit online. It runs a 5-ton air-conditioner along with other appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, coffee maker, and more. It is super quiet and very safe for use with cell phones, tablets, and computers. It features a high-quality carburetor so there is very little harmonic distortion (-5 THD). This generator is designed to work in below zero temperatures and extreme heat. The steel casing makes it very long lasting.

Kohler 20RESCL Whole House Generator on the other hand also comes with an automatic transfer switch. It too runs a 5- ton air conditioner with all major home appliances. It comes with a 5-year, 2,000-hour protection, and a corrosion-proof enclosure that is very durable and impact tested for -30°F. Kohler is an award-winning company and their generators produce high-quality electricity with a low sine wave. Kohler generators run like air-conditioners making almost no noise at all. The dual fuel units make it easy to switch between two types of fuels. Kohler offers concrete mounting pads to lower installation costs and time. This $5,011 generator can also be bought on credit online.

Since the Californian based Champion is a newer brand it offers a longer warranty and low pricing in order to win a better market share. Kohler is an older brand and offers better quality components and hence is also a bit pricier. If you rely on an air conditioner or a furnace and have a security alarm to protect your home, it is good to get a Kohler generator for your house and office. When you lose power due to an outage, the generator will take care of all your electricity needs.


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