Latest Ideas on Installation of Exterior Louvered Shutters


Shutters are a crucial part of the decoration and protection of your house. Their usage is embedded in history. However, there are new ideas you need to embrace in the installation and care of exterior louvered shutters.

Interior Vs Exterior Installation

The installation of shutters was traditionally outside the window. This was meant to protect your window panes from damage by the storm or projectiles that may be thrown towards your house. This is sufficient justification for the installation of shutters outside the house.

The exterior installation has faced a number of criticisms. It alters the design and appearance of your house. This may affect its aesthetic value and also cause a reduction in price once it is placed in the market. This is why homeowners are moving away from installing shutters outdoors if there is a better option.

Interior installation is preferred if your area is not prone to storms or strong wind. This allows you to maintain the architectural design that was envisaged for the house. It also allows you to stick to architectural instructions provided for your estate.

Interior installation helps you achieve the other benefits of installing shutters. They include protecting your interior from spying eyes, direct sun, and wind. It will also protect interior properties from damage in case a storm hits your place through the window panes will still be damaged.

Modern Materials for Manufacture of Shutters

Shutters were traditionally made of wood. It was preferred because of its ease to fabricate, strength and durability. Wood was also easy to maintain because it was a natural part of the environment. It is still used but it comes with the challenge of high cost. Wood also requires regular painting for maintenance purposes.

Iron, steel, and aluminum shutters have also gained popularity over the years. They are factory manufactured and have to be ordered based on the size of your window or door. The challenge with these metals is their cost and maintenance. It is expensive to get shutters made of metals compared to other options like synthetic.

Metallic Louvered Shutters come with a high maintenance bill. You have to clean the shutters and paint them on a regular basis in order to maintain their good appearance. This can prove to be an expensive venture. However, metal is the best material when you are searching for shutters to protect your house from storm damage.

Vinyl is a new revolution when ordering and installing shutters. The shutters are per-ordered based on window and door sizes. Vinyl comes with several advantages that homeowners should consider when making an order.

  • Vinyl is cheaper than all other materials. This is because of the use of fabrication in manufacture. It allows you to get protection from direct sunlight and stormy weather without spending a fortune.

  • Vinyl shutters are durable. Vinyl is resistant to weather damage and will not require a lot of maintenance attention. As a result, it takes years before any damage or need for any replacement. This reduces the overall cost of installing shutters on your house.

  • Vinyl is easy to maintain- vinyl shutters do not require a lot of maintenance attention. Once installed, they are never repainted. Vinyl is also resilient in the wake of tough weather. As a result, you will never bother about the shutters for the years they will be on your wall.

The choice of material depends on personal preference and budget. Work with experts to help you explore the best options in the market and choose one that delivers value for money.

Shutter Style

Shutters come in different styles and designs. The shutters may be solid or louvered. The design or style will affect the appearance of your house and also air supply into the house.

Solid shutters are used for providing protection against storms. Because they are not serrated, they can withstand strong winds and even flying debris. However, solid shutters will prevent fresh air and light from getting into the house. As a result, it becomes uncomfortable or will demand the installation of AC systems that are expensive to maintain.

Exterior louvered shutters are perfect when you need fresh air and light into the house. Depending on the material used, they will protect your interiors from damage by wind, storms or flying projectiles, among other elements. You do not need to use artificial lighting and air conditioning that are expensive. They can be regarded as the environmentally friendly shutter option available in the market.

Cost of Installing Shutters

Homeowners and developers are always cautioned about the cost of shutter installation. Shutters can be expensive considering that you have to install them on every window and door. However, they should not be too expensive.

The cost of shutters should be balanced with ensuring that you get shutters that meet your expectations. Buying exterior louvered shutters cheap might appear advantageous. However, you need to consider the quality of material, its appearance, and long term maintenance needs.

Synthetic material like vinyl has proven to be the most attractive option when you need the benefits of vinyl without spending a fortune. Vinyl comes in different colors and textures. It, therefore, allows you to give the house your desired appearance without spending too much.

Installation should also be done by a professional even with the cost in mind. Professional installation ensures that you consider the surface on which you are installing and therefore make the right choices. Without professional installation, the shutters will be weak, haphazard and even fail to meet your expectations.

Shutters and Personal Preference

There is a great desire by homeowners to maintain a personalized appearance on properties. This will only be possible when you install shutters that reflect your personal aspirations in terms of design, and sizes. There are numerous choices that you can rely on in the market. With these choices, you can make your home as personal as you desire.

Professional installation of Louvered Shutters is important to maintain their integrity. Work with professionals who understand the designs and installation of shutters. Be ready to invest in quality shutters to keep your house in perfect shape during storms and beautiful all other seasons.


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