Living Green: How to Live an Eco-Friendlier Life Through Yoga


Green consciousness is not an overnight phenomenon. You don’t simply wake up one day with organic food and recycled paper on your mind. The impetus needs to trickle in and it starts with the feeling of connectedness within you and with Mother Nature. Connectedness- the overarching feeling of harmony between you and everything else- that is also the very essence of yuj or unity in yoga.

We know all the rest about environmental peril—terrible carbon footprints, polar ice caps gradually melting as a result of the greenhouse effect, the plastic crisis, alarming change in climates. We have seen it on TV and seen it in the world with the naked eye. But no threat of civilizational catastrophe can send us into the active green movement heart and soul, like the experience of oneness we feel at a cellular level. We feel it when we are in love. We feel it when we see something as sublimely beautiful as a rainbow. We feel it when we are truly in yoga.

So, let us broach the meaning of ‘sustainability’- a much exhaustively used but often unrealized term, on an affirmative note here. We need to think green not because that will probably not bring an impending environmental catastrophe but because the green and we are one. It’s an undeniable symbiotic relationship, an integral harmony that is best recognized through the discipline of yoga.

How Does Yoga Endorse the Green Cause?

Yoga Inculcates Love

Caught amidst the turbulence of everyday struggle we are sometimes led to think love is but an exceptional phenomenon that happens maybe once in a blue moon and still remains just as elusive. But when you dedicatedly make a practice in yoga, it doesn’t take long for that bubble of hopelessness to evaporate.

Love is our natural state—yoga instills this conviction. When we are on the mat, one in the mind and body with our intent to connect with the bigger truth that we are all a part of, there is only love that we shall feel. There remains no resentment, no enmity, anger, or mistrust. The strain in our movements lessens and lessens to a point where it feels like a dance. There is only joy in living and life itself is a joy.

When such a love is felt, it expands into the other facets of our life and it prevents us from any acts of conscious or unconscious cruelty. Eventually, you will not have a taste for chicken anymore, it’s true.

Ahimsa is the Greatest Virtue

Ahimsa is non-violence and its implications reach further beyond food habits. As your body-mind develops an innate intelligence with the discipline of yoga, you will disentangle from unwholesome everyday life choices, especially the ones concomitant to violence. The option to eat lower on the food chain directly contributes to the lessening of greenhouse gas emission. Animal leather, deforestation, plastic usage, carbon fuel, chemical drugs, and manure, etc., among others, the components of environmental degradation and personal harm on the long run now become strung in the same thread of logic.

When you embrace the yogic ethos of ahimsa, your concomitance to violence effortlessly drops off. The highly symbiotic connectedness between nature and you that is now realized will bind you in a nurturing relationship with plant and animal life around you, drawing your attention on energy preservation, lesser to no use of chemical pesticides, the urgent need to ban plastic, and more to that cause.

The Yogi Is Forever Conscious

You will hear this often if you take the trouble to actively participate in the green cause that people did not know. They did not know cell phone towers destroy bird life, that coral reef destruction owes to careless tourism, that heavy metals are responsible for toxin and pollution, and on it goes. While holding awareness programs is one way to draw people into the fold of the environmentally aware, the other is to promote consciousness with yoga.

The yogi is an exceptional consciousness being—that is to say, when you grow with yogic meditation, you never let yourself turn a blind eye, you do ‘not know’ something. The discipline prompts the practitioner to be pervasively alert and perceptive to consequences of each of one’s action. Ignorance and slumber are the two roadblocks to conscious living that yoga keeps away from your path.

Conservation of Energy Is Made Into a Continuous Body-Mind Practice

The physical discipline of yoga to a great extent is centered upon prana, the life force which is regulated through the medium of breath. It sees the whole universe as an integrally connected meshwork of different energies. And just as undisciplined energy is discouraged in yoga by developing more control over the minutest of movements and culturing slow and contemplative movements over rapid burnouts, green living is guided by conservation of earth’s energy sources.

Cutting out the excesses in consumption will come naturally when you give yourself completely to yoga.

Karma Yoga Promotes Selfless Service to One’s Surroundings

Karma Yoga is the ethics of performing an action without attaching to the fruits of the action or a Self-motivated gain. It is the ultimate form of monastic endeavor which can be utilized to many ends when it comes to serving the environment.

Give back to earth in the nature of karma yoga by volunteering at tree plantations, in the cleaning of public spaces, animal adoption, and rescue. Do the bidding of your own consciousness more than any call for charity because ultimately that’s what being in yoga means, to be one with yourself.

Yoga Lets You Become a Part of Indigenous Ecosystems

Yoga as a fitness and lifestyle choice is making a splash at a global scale and that comes with a lot of opportunities for indigenous people and their ecological concerns. There are chances to visit the remote and environmentally fragile places of India, Thailand, Bali, etc., in the near east as a volunteering yoga instructor and support their economy and education to the pave a path to better living.

The elephant rescue effort in Thailand or the save-the-rivers movement in India, for instance, are fitting causes to earn your worthy support and the fraternity of yoga brings these faraway places into purview.

Let us all build up a global village of ecological wellness powered by the strength of yoga!

Author Bio : Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.


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