Main Trends of Spring and Summer in 2019


In the warm season, accessories are perhaps the key part of the image: we wear less clothes, and details come to the fore. In our selection you will find the most fashionable jewelry, hats and glasses that will perfectly complement the outfit.

The accessories of the new season echo the key podium trends, so the most trendy things are overgrown with all sorts of feathers of strange birds, massive chains, and also adopt the bright and rich color palette of summer. Designers decide to give us a little bit of freedom, not making people suffer because of impractical hats or jewelry, and offer simple hats that are not overloaded with decor (and most importantly, utilitarian volumes), massive glasses that really protect from the sun (as opposed to the options with narrow lenses from last season), as well as diverse statement-accessories, which can even make an incredible fashionable ensemble from a pair of “white t-shirt and jeans”. Despite the wide choice, to understand all the most trendy accessories is not so difficult. We have collected the top ten trends in fashion, which we will follow in 2019.

Sports glasses

Despite the fact that the athleisure style is gradually going into the background (and not surprisingly: the tiredness of the many years of the dictatorship of sport and ugly-fashion), some of the designers moved from the relaxed dress code to the new season. For example, large glasses with colored or mirrored lenses are the main antagonists of retro-futuristic cat-eye narrow glasses that ruled the ball in the summer of 2018. To wear sports models, it is not necessary to know how to get up on a snowboard or master the bike skillfully, but to avoid direct comparisons with sports, combining such accent and catchy glasses stands with light dresses and romantic outfits.

Long chains and pendants

This season, the richest variety of options has touched beads and chains – their designers have accurately presented them in abundance and for every taste. Next summer, we will wear long chains with pendants – large stones, medallions and pendants – as well as pearl beads and massive necklaces decorated with shells and stones, as if found on the beach. So feel free to go in search of the most unique coastal finds and make authentic jewelry with your own hands.

Statement Accessories

If last season, the main accent of the image was earrings, any accessories can set the rules now: from fantasy harness and massive chain mail to rings with large semiprecious stones and chokers decorated with long chains with crystals. The most accented options are lemon-shaped Dries Van Noten beaded mesh nets embellished with feathers, or a massive Balmain metal belt over a mini-dress. In the new season, accessories definitely get the first installments in all scenes.

Straw hats

If last season the dictatorship in fashion was set up by hypertrophied “introvert hats” from Jacquemus, then this season it is worth setting aside huge options. Designers offer more practical small fedoras, straw visors or boaters. The variety is huge, so it is easy to choose for yourself the most utilitarian model of the optimal size, because of the volumes of which you will not definitely feel detached from the outside world.


The most elegant and sophisticated accessories designers have saved to decorate hair. For example, headbands that are experiencing a rebirth and become an important trend for the next season. Richly decorated with stones and glass beads, in Simone Rocha they can easily indulge in pomp and brilliance with evening tiaras. Practical options for every day will be three-dimensional printed nylon rims, like those of Prada, or Dior elastic bandages, borrowed from the everyday wardrobe of ballet dancers.

Massive forearm bracelets

Last year, designers skillfully showed us the wonders of eclecticism and the art of combining the incompatible. In contrast, the new season sets its benchmarks: the most relevant options will be bracelets from one set, chains that are ideally combined with each other, and accent glide bracelets – wear such best on the forearm together with the same version on the wrist. Neat bracelets of rigid form with stones or massive curly options on hinges and springs presented a whole chain of brands from Chloé to Giambattista Valli.

Pool accessories

The funniest (and no less trending from this) outfit on the catwalk was the outfit for the pool. Therefore, leaving the shower after a long swim, we don’t take off the awkward headgear that resembles swimming caps, glasses with colored lenses and rubber straps, like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, and also don’t forget about the final accessory – a colored towel that looks out of the bag or casually thrown over the shoulders.

Bucket hats

Bright printed prints will be the sports alternatives to the classic straw hats – we used to wear such relaxed options last summer. Now the most trendy combination gives birth to a total bow, when the color of the accessory with an accuracy is matched to the outfit, as suggested by Michael Kors. However, it is not necessary to reapply if the headgear is knocked out of the image: children’s spontaneity and easy negligence in the summer are trends no less important than all the others.

Rope belts and knots

Insanity on crumble, macrame and patchwork has also touched accessories: now the most relevant options must be tied in knots or bows. It is best to tighten the rope on the belt and decorate them with shells and stones, as did Altuzarra. For adherents of sports style there are some topical variations: Dries Van Noten, for example, with all the ease and artistry of his collection, generously supplies dresses, raincoats and trousers with laces in the manner of equipment of a rock climber.

Head wraps

We’ll definitely be able to fully enjoy the scarves in the next season: of them, designers tie up dresses, bags, sew trousers or lightweight trench coats. The easiest option is to make a fabric with a bright paisley turban. This is clearly not necessary for this ingenuity, and this accessory looks extremely aesthetically pleasing.

From the keypads and bicycles that we already know to the most obscure combinations that will soon drive everyone crazy – we offer you a complete guide to the hottest trends in spring and summer 2019.

The aesthetics of the 80s still do not let go of the minds of designers: the field of creativity is almost unlimited. On the podiums – again the triumph of the leopard and its animalistic variations, however, besides them, many amusing prints were presented. In the new season, according to the main canons of eclecticism (although what rules may be now), we combine ornaments that, it would seem, could not get along together. The prints are cool, but love the color? You are welcome! In the future season a sunny summer palette is added to the fluorescent neon: citrus fruits are lemon, orange and lime.

Read more: to know more about fashion and not only. Meanwhile, experiment with shades, choose trends to your liking, and we tell in detail about the 20 main areas that we will definitely try in the new season. And we advise you.


Originally, the intricate tie-dye prints belonged to the hippie subculture: in the 70s, a t-shirt with a blurred ornament was one of the main distinguishing features of movement. However, now the print has almost lost its connection with the historical past: psychedelic patterns, watercolor stains and washed colors now adorn not only festival tops, but also silk dresses, classic coats and elegant handbags, like those of Prada.

Dirty denim

In the name of the safety of fashionistas, designers presented so many different variations of boiled clothes, so that they wouldn’t have to touch the corrosive chemicals. Fashion has become more accessible, which means it’s not worthwhile to look for a cherished pair of jeans, as women of the 80s did, and spend hours at the pan to get a unique (and literally) unique pattern on denim. We choose jackets with blurry patterns, bleached jeans and overalls with intricate divorces – and the more contrast, the better.

Scarves in all shapes and sizes

What could be simpler than tying a few shawls, making them a trendy dress? The technique, once popular in all resorts from Monte Carlo to Gelendzhik, inspired designers for the new season. We twist an intricate turban, tie around the waist in the manner of a traditional eastern skirt sarong, like Paco Rabanne and Oscar de la Renta, or combine several scarves together, creating a lightweight beach tunic – you can interpret the trend in any way.

Bermuda shorts

That saying goodbye to us, then returning to the podium again, Bermuda in the new season is extremely wide: from elongated shorts with arrows and cuffs to bright options from pleated fabric. We like this trend: Bermudas will be appropriate in the office, paired with a classic jacket, and at a beach party in combination with a crazy acid T-shirt.


If in past seasons the life principles best of all were quotations and loud expressions printed on sweatshirts and T-shirts, now photoprints will eloquently tell about your beliefs. Abstract figures, surrealistic paintings of your favorite artists or quite real landscapes and portraits – choose from the whole palette of options what you like most and place it in the most prominent place.

Yoga pants

Many have already played enough with them the previous spring (for example, Kim Kardashian), but this was not enough for designers – the voice of the streets again breaks on the podiums. Therefore, we are experimenting with bicycles with a clear conscience in the coming season, mixing not only with oversight jackets (a combination that has already become canonical), but also with feminine evening dresses, as did Blumarine.

Cape Silhouette

In winter and autumn, designers presented a huge selection of insulated coats and capes, which are easily replaced by the usual (and for someone, the tired) classic coats for the cold season. In the spring and summer, brands offer lightweight options: light classic cape jackets, capes and summer trench coats with armholes. It looks extremely elegant and aesthetically pleasing: now you do not have to hide the avant-garde statement-sleeves or rows of unusual bracelets under your outerwear.


Designers put the lid on the already become a cult phrase that everything is in fashion now. Now we even saw trendy kapron tights, from which many stylists of the highest rank turned up their nose for a long time. Saint Laurent presented a palette of neutral shades, Miuccia Prada for Miu Miu and Prada supplemented the images with black translucent golf, and Moschino (according to the tradition with unfriendly self-irony) colored capron markers. To wear tights and kapron leggings or not is everyone’s choice, but the fact remains: fashion has become even more democratic.

Micro bags

Unlike giant shoppers, their miniature antagonists, diminished copies of tights, cross-bodysuit and waist bags, enter the fashionable ring. Celebrity miniature accessories appeared a year ago, replacing clutch bags and minodieres with them, and this season the designers presented even more different options – from mini bags to wide leather belts with several handbags, like Fendi`s.

Eclectic prints

Experiments with unusual prints are best done in the summer: and designers are well aware of this. In the new season we mix graphics with floral patterns, a strip – with surreal patterns, and put a cage together with the peas: there are no forbidden combinations, and you can safely fill your hand to create the most extraordinary bows from the improvised prints.


In the new season, the canvas of shining scales is not at all the main attribute of the party and not a hint at the stormy disco era. Even on the contrary: we combine dresses and skirts covered with iridescent sequins with basic T-shirts and laconic denim jackets, and we wear them every day. We look for inspiration in the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen – designers are experimenting with might and main with the image of a mermaid who happened to be on land.


A classic suit is rightfully wearing the status of the main podium long-liver: the designers slightly change the styles and color palette, experimenting with prints and décor, but two-peice outfits of jackets and skirts or trousers are still in the top most important pieces of clothing. The following season, square oversized fashions went into the background, giving way to the “inverted triangle” – classic jackets with an increased line of shoulders and wasp waist.

Loose-fitting sleeves

The puff sleeves, which we will fully enjoy next season, at the same time became an allusion to Victorian England and the power dressing of the 80s with their hypertrophied volumes. In 2019, the trend is overgrown with even more meanings: Alessandro Michele offers us huge sleeves-shells, Nicolas Ghesquières in Louis Vuitton dreams of intergalactic travel, offering a daily version of the spacesuit, and Michael Kors and Rodarte return forgotten puffed sleeves.

Sports Wind jackets

Ugly-fashion and athleisure modifications were noticeably smaller this season, but sports aesthetics still set the future trends. In the new season we will wear comfortable sports wind jackets – the designers offer to look at such outerwear to everyone, showing how to combine with spandex yoga pants and romantic midi skirts.

Needlework Club

The best gift is a gift made by yourself, and trendy things for the next season this also applies. Those who have long mastered the technique of macrame and crochet, will be able to pamper yourself with new products on their own. And for those who are far from creativity and handicrafts, the designers presented a huge amount of wicker bags, dresses, tops and trousers – even more than we saw in previous seasons. The most relevant things will be things, as if made from a fishing net decorated with ropes, shells and wooden beads. In addition, the designers were carried away with nostalgia for recent trends and presented a number of variants of knitted shoes: it seems that the most controversial ten-year tendency returns to us again.


Fashion is now not only beautiful, but also practical. The next season, oversized waistcoats, cargo pants, which began to expand the catwalks last year, dresses and even classic shirts with turn-down collars, like Fendi, are overgrown with roomy pockets. This trend is clearly designed to compensate for the love of designers for micro-bags: everything that does not fit into your trend accessory can be easily distributed into huge pockets on clothes.

Dip dye

For those to whom dirty denim seems too rough, the designers offered a more gentle alternative – ombre or gradient. We, it seems, have already seen dozens of different options for a smooth transition of colors, but in the new season it adorns not only flowing dresses, but also classic coats.


Flowing skirts and dresses made of pleated fabric – a balm for the soul for those who are tired of the sharp-edged styles of power dressing, sports aesthetics and have long dreamed of returning femininity and elegance. In the new season, pleated skirts do not look like comeback skirts that were popular about a decade ago – paired with a T-shirt and a massive brooch. There are many more successful options, and now pleating is used not only for the usual midi dresses and skirts, but also for light trench coats and shorts.

Trousers with cuts

Designers abandoned the doorways and, without saying a word, without regret, cut the pants far and wide. In Victoria Beckham, the cuts were barely noticeable detail and another way to demonstrate the unusual cape of shoes, Balmain also acted more radically and bare legs almost completely. The choice as always is yours!


The madness of the designers on leather, vinyl and latex proceeds to the next stage: in spring and summer, wearing hyper coats and sculpted jackets is simply uncomfortable, and lightweight suits are fine. Miu Miu, for example, presented a classic pair of fitted jacket and skirt, and Hermes – a leather jacket with short sleeves and contrasting stitching.


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