Methods Of Targeting Used In SMS Marketing


    Currently, we live in a technological world. In this age where people are addicted to technology, to get their work done. Especially mobile phones! The mobile phone has been an essential part of everyone’s life these days. Used to communicate with your friends and family, the benefits of mobile phones does not get over with this. It provides many other benefits as well. Mobile phones have made it even easier to communicate through SMS services. SMS services can be used either to stay in touch with people personally or professionally. These days SMS services are being used for professional purposes more because it allows businesses to stay in touch with its customers.

    Business owners opt for SMS marketing services to stay connected to their customers. This can be used to share information about the offerings of your brand or offers and deals going on. All you need to do find a bulk SMS reseller and get your bulk SMS from them. after that update the number of your customers on your list and send the SMS. For updating their number, you will need to classify your customers into separate groups. By separating your customers into different groups, it will be easy for you to sharetransactional bulk SMS to a particular group. But the question is what will be the basis of classifying your customers into various groups? The answer is, you can classify them on the basis of their choices and preferences, age, location etc. let us see how can these customers be classified into different groups:

    Geographic targeting

    This means you can target your customers based on the region they are from. You can go further to the extent of providing a specific pin code number. You can target to provide them with the products and services which you know is going to be valuable for them. You can bifurcate the marketing on the basis of areas, cities, regions etc. also you can divide the market as rural, suburban and urban areas.

    Psychographic targeting

    This means that customers with the same buying habits, spending habits and values can be classified into the same groups. For eg, if you know that some of your customers only like to shop during weekends, what you can do is classify those customers into the same group and send them weekend offers and deals which they can take benefit of.

    Demographic targeting

    With this type of targeting, customers are classified on the basis of their age, gender, income, marital status etc. In this type of targeting your customers can be classified based on their age group for eg, if your brand sells anti aging products, you can bifurcate women of 30+ age into the same groups and then you can send them those SMS.

    These are some other types of targeting methods which can be used by businesses to classify their customers into specific groups. Separating customers into different groups will help you to reach out to only those customers who will be interested in knowing what you have to offer and they will also be interested in using them if it is valuable for them.


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