Own A Pre Leased Property In Sector-48 Sohna Road

Pre Leased Property In Sector-48-min

It is very important to have a place when starting out with a venture in India so that things get organised. As per the survey most start ups and mid size organizations prefer Gurgaon as far as a physical office is concerned. It is a good idea to look at pre leased properties. Any property that is given on rent to a company or any commercial organisation and then sold with the rent as the income can be referred to as a pre leased property. The leased out property becomes available for sale and the buyer gets an income for sure.

There are many pre leased property for sale in sector-48 Sohna road, Gurgaon. It is also a good place for networking as there are offices of many big Indian as well as multinational companies. The property rates are comparatively cheaper and the area is completely commercial.

The starting rate of a pre leased property in sector-48 Sohna road is somewhere close to Rs. 12000 a square feet. The total investment is around a crore with an eight to ten percent return on investment for sure. It has also been seen that selling and buying a commercial property in that area is not very difficult. There are pre leased properties of every kind in that area for example there are properties in a shopping mall, independent properties and available spaces in a commercial building. One can choose as per the requirement. The price differs for different kind of properties. Many start ups also prefer to rent a studio rather than a full fledged office space as it is cost effective.

Having an office in this particular area also has benefits as there is something for every budget.  Other advantages are that there cabs are found in plenty anytime of the day, there is a metro station in vicinity and a hospital, many carpools available and there are plenty of good eating joints hence the environment of the place is very employee friendly.

As per the market trend owning a pre leased property in Sohna road, sector 48 is a good option because the demand for commercial space is on rise as a lot of development is taking place. However make sure that if the deal is done through a broker it is a fair deal and right amount of brokerage is given to the broker. Transparency would further increase the demand and make the property a very good investment option.

Sohna road, sector 48 is also a preferred choice for a second office of giant corporations. The available places are listed on a number of websites online as well. All of the top property online sites cover this particular are. The information regarding the actual carpet area, the rent, the actual pictures of the property, the electricity supply and water supply details are mentioned. It is always advisable to check the property physically and not just depend on what is seen online.


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