Perfect Print Fashion For You This Season


When it comes to finding the right print for the appropriate season, it can be hard to keep up with what is on trend and what style you should be adding to your wardrobe. WhatsMode has stocked up on a multitude of patterns for every single season so that you can stock up on true style for an affordable price and quality you can count on. Having a wardrobe full of basics as well as a plethora of prints if necessary for any fashion that aims to stay on trend with the current styles. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter WhatsMode has got you covered, literally!

When you think of spring, the first thing that comes to mind is fresh and mellow shades with a hint of flowers. For spring the first must have print is the classic floral print that embodies the whole season and the fresh flowers that go along with it. This print is popular with WhatsMode maxi dresses that are light enough to keep you cool but long enough to keep you covered. Another favorite floral item for spring would be the stretchy flare cotton pants that come in bright pastel colors. When it comes to spring floral don’t be afraid to wear bright colors or even dark colors, the most critical factor for spring is light, airy clothing that gives off a fresh from the garden vibe.

Another spring print must have an abstract funk print. WhatsMode has a wide range of art prints from chunky golden chains on silk shirts to colorful triangles on a satin bomber jackets. Spring is all about embodying bright colors with funky details, and WhatsMode has a whole section dedicated to bright and colorful clothing that you can quickly search through. Colorful patterns not only get you noticed but they also help add more options to your closet that you can mix and match. Don’t be afraid to pair to bold prints together for a style almost as unique as yourself.

After spring comes summer and the season of sundresses, tank tops, and most importantly bathing suits. The first must have a pattern for springs are polka dots that give off an almost retro vibe to any piece of clothing. Polka dots are the most popular pattern on WhatsMode, and our best-selling silk maxi wrap dress is a red slip with white polka dots all over it. Most of the WhatsMode influencers add polka dot items to their store in the peak of summer so that their fans can keep up with what is on trend for the season. A high waisted bathing suit with polka dots will have you feeling like you are lounging on the beach during the 1970’s and all you are missing is a pair of WhatsMode cat-eye sunglasses to complete this look.

Another summer trend is stripes. Stripes are considered to be the most flattering of all the patterns and are a preferred pick for almost all pieces of clothing. From button-down shirts to skirts, and linen jumpsuits stripes embody the spirit of summer. WhatsMode has catered their stripe collection to include pinstripes, wide stripes, and abstract stripes in all of their collections so that you do not have to stick to just one style. A consumer favorite for summer would have to be the wide leg striped vacay jumpsuit that is perfect for an afternoon in a vineyard or a mid-day brunch with friends. Pair this look with a floppy sun hat, and you have completed the ideal summer stripe look.

A fall print that will be popular this year would be the classic Victorian paisley print. With the weather changing in fall you will feel the need to start putting away your sundresses and start bundling up, and WhatsMode has a wide range of light sweaters and jackets to keep you warm but without all the extra layering. Get yourself a paisley print button down shirt that you can quickly add to a pair of light wash skinny jeans and a low heeled boot. Paisley print is perfect for fall because it still adds a pattern to your wardrobe without being too summery and not too bold for the current season. WhatsMode predicts that the paisley print is about to make a comeback, so we have stocked up on classic Victorian prints for the season.

Another fall print would be decorative swirls and autumn colors. When spring and summer have gone, it is time to hang your pastel clothing in the back of your closet and bring your darker more subtle items to the front. For fall a light burnt orange sweater with subtle rectangular stamped prints from WhatsMode is perfect to throw over a knitted top. Fall is all about embodying earth tones and darker shades, swap out your light wash jeans for dark wash and keep your bold patterns to a minimum. Fall is also the perfect time to add more light patterned clothing back into your outfits so that you will look just as crisp as the weather.

A winter pattern that you often see popping up in the colder months is houndstooth. The classic black and white checkered look of houndstooth is a print that has never gone out of fashion. WhatsMode features many of their favorite winter coats in this pattern so that you will look effortlessly chic in colder weather. Even though it is winter don’t be afraid to add a houndstooth skirt over a pair of insulated leggings so that you can add a girly look and switch up your day-to-day look without over wearing jeans. A houndstooth scarf is a winter must have so grab yours today so you can be ahead of the trend!

Another winter print that is always popular at the end of the year are checkers and linear shaped prints. You will often see women sporting checkered blouses, plaid jackets, and plaid scarfs during the colder season and adding more and more linear prints to their everyday looks. Winter is all about embodying the dark clothes in your wardrobe, and adding more items from WhatsMode that have dark square prints will keep you trendy and in the seasonal know.

When it comes to prints for the season, it is essential to have a wide range in your closet so that you are prepared for any season all year long. If you need to stock up on a particular print for the upcoming season be sure to check out Whats Mode always features recent editorials that highlight the most significant looks for the season so you can stay in the know!


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