Ready to Travel Somewhere New? 4 Amazing Tourist Destinations You Have Never Heard Of


As you are making your travel plans for the year, you may be wondering where you should head off to next. London? Paris? Doesn’t everyone always visit those cities? While mainstream tourist destinations are no doubt filled with wonder, culture, and history, there are several places on the map that are just as exciting, and you have probably never even heard of them.

The Mystery Spot- Santa Cruz, California

Located in a beautiful redwood forest lies a spot that defies the laws of physics. The Mystery Spot spans a diameter of 150 feet, and those who enter leave feeling confused and amazed. Surveyors discovered the spot in 1939, and it has been baffling people ever since then. No one is sure why this spot seems to defy the laws of gravity, but it is a wonderful place to transcend reality for a while. You can spend a few hours here experiencing the spot and hiking the surrounding forest.

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines

Cone-shaped hills cover the center of Bohol Island, appearing almost man-made and creating a unique landscape. UNESCO says that these hills are mounds of coral deposits exposed by erosion from rainwater. The dry season in the Philippines causes the tropical greenery to fade to brown, thus the name “Chocolate Hills.”

Lake Hillier, Western Australia

A stunning lake lies in the land down under. In 1802, this vibrantly pink lake was discovered in the country’s Recherche Archipelago, which lies on the Western Coast. This pink-hued lake is a photographer’s dream. The pink coloration of the lake is caused by high salinity and pink halobacteria. The waters of Lake Hillier have not been found to cause any harm to the skin, and it used to be mined for salt years ago. It lies strikingly close the blue Pacific, making a beautiful contrast if you see it from above.

Kakadu National Park

Located in Australia’s Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park spans 20,000 kilometers. Nature and history surround you as you go swimming, birdwatching, and hiking through the park. You can also spot crocodiles and go on tours guided by the park rangers. You can book these exciting tours at the same time you book your accommodation.

From anti-gravitational fun and stunning lakes to beautiful parks and candy-colored hills, the world is full of unique places that many have yet to discover. Go outside the box on your next trip and visit one of these unforgettable locations.


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