Reasons to Automate Medical Emergency Trolley


A medical emergency trolley is essentially a cart that is on wheels containing all emergency medical supplies which includes lifesaving drugs and monitors for monitoring the vitals of the patients. They are quite flexible and hence are used in most of the hospitals worldwide. Today it is very common to see such carts in every floor and every department of hospitals. However there are various problems that are associated with the carts such as difficulty in maintaining the inventory and keeping count of the medicines etc. Hence, the nursing staff has come up with the idea of automating the medical emergency trolley. They are not only helpful in easing off the workload, but also increase their productivity. Here are different reasons why we should consider automating the medical emergency trolleys or crash carts.

No More Inventory Hassles

The major reason why the emergency carts should be automated is so that the troubles of maintaining the inventory can been forgone. These carts are mainly used during emergency situations and emergencies do not show up with any warning. Therefore, it is practically impossible for the nursing staff to take note of the inventory at such crucial times. Also we have to keep in mind that the idea of these medical emergency trolley is to increase the chances of saving a person’s life by providing all the necessary treatment without wasting any time, instead risking his life over fixing the inventory and causing delay.

No More Paper Work

While using a medical emergency trolley it is important to maintain a lot of paperwork to keep track of the things like who is using the trolley, for whom it is used and also the medicines that are kept in it. These records are very hard to keep track of manually during emergency situations. There are often times when the medical trolleys of one department are sued in another department because of some emergency situations. Hence in these instances the nursing staff has to go through a lot of hassle to make sure that they have a proper list of all the required medicines. Therefore in order to avoid this nuisance for the staff we should request for an automated medical emergency cart.

Similar Looking Drugs

In many instances it has been seen that during an emergency situation a doctor may pick the wrong drug because of the lack of proper stocking of drugs. Since it is an emergency situation you will find that everybody is in hurry and are trying their levels best to overcome the situation as early as possible. In the midst of such chaos sometimes it is hard to find the drug which was essential because of it being mixed up or placed haphazardly with other drugs. Such situations may give rise to complications in the patient or even death. Hence in order to avoid these mistakes on the part of the doctor or nursing staff it is of utmost importance to request for an automated medical emergency trolley which will be efficient in stocking the drugs properly so that no mishaps can take place during an emergency situation.


Another major reason why we should encourage automated medical emergency cart is that these will be able to remind of refills at the right time. Since it is a hospital it is natural to have too many emergency situations. Hence in such situations we have to make sure that our trolley is stacked to the brim. Therefore it is often noted that sometimes due to negligence on part of some people the trolley loses its vital drugs and hence problems are created.

Hence these are some pretty solid reason why we need to have automated medical emergency trolley. They will be greatly beneficial both for the doctor and the patient.


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