Rules for Furnishing Office Reception

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First impressions do matter and nowhere is it more visible for a business than its reception area. The reception is where a visitor first sees your company. This includes partners, clients, potential employees and people in authority. So, here is some handy office furniture advice for your reception area:

Keep it spacious: Nothing gives a worst impression than a chaotic and untidy office reception. Not just neat and tidy, it should also be a spacious area which gives an impression of calm and competence. If your front area is too small, avoid a plush sofa. A reception desk and a couple of chairs for the waiting area would do. If you do have sofa and coffee table, make sure that it does not take up all the space.

Think layout: The layout of any given space is very important and this applies to the reception area as well. Make sure that the path from the outer door to the reception desk is clear and that lounging sofas are at one side of this path. If your reception area also doubles up as a meeting area with clients, the layout should accommodate for that as well.

Arrange for trailing dirt: The reception is like the living room where a visitor first enters. So, it is inevitable that they will bring with them trailing weather conditions, such as dripping umbrellas and melting snow. On days when the weather is really bad, these little dribbles and stops can make the reception area dirty real fast. So, arrange for such contingencies, such as keeping a bucket or tray for people to deposit their umbrellas.

Branding: An important part of reception office furniture advice concerns branding. As the figurative ‘face’ of your office, it should reflect your brand. This can be done in both overt and covert way. Make sure that the brand and name is visible, usually behind the reception desk. The furnishings can reflect the brand colours.

Refreshments: Have some refreshments at hand for people waiting in the reception area. A water dispenser or a coffee machine with a few cookies give out the message that you care for your visitors and want them to be comfortable.

Lastly, you can also hire a specialist on office furniture advice. A specialist can save you the time and effort, while showing you wider options as per your brand and business field.


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