Seven Secrets You Should Know to Study Photography


Although modern day technology and multiplicity of sophisticated editing software have made photography easier than it was two to three decades ago, there are still some techniques and skills which can be imbibed only through formal training. To have a better understanding of the art of photography studying photography is essential. While accepting that you’re going to learn the most through everyday practice, you also have to keep yourself open for other opportunities and use different forms of media, to learn the craft. Here are the seven secrets that will prepare you, before you embark for formal training in any professional institute.

Guide To Studying Photography: 

#1. Use Premium Quality Equipment: It is always prudent to invest one time in superior quality gear rather than buying low-priced pieces of equipment that will become stop functioning every few months. This is especially applicable for lenses, cameras and tripods. Since, the camera will be used most frequently, buy a good quality one rather than something affordable but relatively low quality. The lenses should be top-notch too, in order to ensure good quality photographs. Light stands and tripods will support your camera so buy something sturdy. In fact, these are all essential for a beginner to study photography.

#2. Do Online Research: Always do extensive research on ways you can augment your photography skills and learn about the advent of new technologies. The Internet is the best place to stay updated on such matters. Make a portfolio online and get it supervised. As a student of photography, you need to research on the initial artists as well as the modern photographers who make intensive use of technology. You can follow photographers and their pages on social media also.

#3. Learning is a Continuous Process: If you want to study photography, you have to gather as much knowledge about photography basics as possible. To absorb the minute details in an interesting way, you can browse the online portfolios and books that are student-oriented. This way you can figure out the niche you want to particularly emphasize upon.

#4. Attend Workshops: Attending workshops can be another great way to learn photography. Mane photography forums organize workshops regularly, and if you join one such forum, you will be enriched from interacting with a number of fellow learners and figure out the next subject of your photo shoot.

#5. Do Not Stick To One Genre: The key to being an expert photographer is to venture into multiple avenues. For one to study photography, one must acquaint oneself with all the genres of photography, from headshots and portraits to street photography. Once you have developed your own style, you can specify your career accordingly.

#6. Search For Apprenticeship: This is a much-underrated method of learning photography. Indeed, if you are dedicated to studying photography, seek out mentorship under a renowned professional. Many experts have elevated their way to success by interning at some photography company or training under famous photographers.

#7. Take Notes of the Course Lectures and Use Keywords: Although this tip might sound too basic, it is a fundamental one to study photography. Attend the lectures regularly and pay attention to the important points laid down by your course instructors, particularly the photography they recommend for studying, or the style they appreciate. Incorporating small details in your examination answers will show that you have a good understanding of the theory of photography.

The above-mentioned tips will help you refine your skills as a photographer and help you progress further in this amazing journey for creativity. You will also be able to make connections for popularizing your work and capture the attention to the uniqueness of your craft.


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