Simple Ways to Teach Kids About Electricity Safety


Every electrical supplier aims to make sure that each household is provided with the best devices that will ensure the safety of one’s family.  When it comes to electrical safety, there are a number of useful tips and tricks that can be used in order to childproof a house, however, those measures can only amount to so much. The best thing that you can do is to educate your children on how they can prevent any kind of electrical hazard from happening, not just to them, but to the whole family.

Water and Electricity are not Friends

Teach your kids that whenever they’re holding a glass of liquid, they should never come close to any electrical outlet or plug. Tell it to them as if it was a game. Of course, you have to explain to them in a lighthearted why it’s supposed to be this way. Most of the time, that’ll be enough to prevent them from ever coming close to an outlet when they’re holding a glass of water. That is until their curiosity gets the better of them. When that happens, you have to be there and explain things once again. And when you think they’re old enough, you can tell them more serious things about it.

Don’t Insert Anything that’s not a Plug into an Outlet

Especially small metal objects. As an adult, you should know by now that the housing of outlets is what protects us from a lethal dose of electricity. Anything conductive can be prone to some kind of electrification, leading to a variety of possible injuries.

Keep in mind that your children might not necessarily understand these things fully when you explain them, and that’s okay. The best thing that you can do as of that moment would be to completely cover up outlets with plastic plugs, effectively childproofing them.

Introduce Warning Signs and House Rules

At a young age, children will almost always follow what their parents will tell them. that being said, they’ll still be relatively unruly when they’re alone. You can try and teach them the importance of warning signs and introduce house rules to them—particularly simple ones that they can understand. This way, there’s a very simple and easy-to-spot sign that will stimulate them to stop doing what they’re doing—if they were taught correctly.

Put the warning signs near electrical hazards such as outlets, extension cords, appliances, and other possible extension cords. That way, the kids will have this instilled through the process of avoiding these things when they’re alone. They’ll ask the help of adults when they need to do something with them, and eventually, they’ll learn to be cautious of the things all the time!

Key Takeaway

Every electrical supplier in Metro Manila is fond of giving their customers the best electronics and advice. When it comes to electrical safety, only the adults dictating what should be avoided is not enough. The children, on their own, should also have their own idea of electrical safety. That way, they’ll always be safe from electrical hazards, no matter where they are!


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