SocialEras Fashion: 5 Perfect outfit ideas for pregnant women


Pregnancy is a time when a woman glows like the northern lights. You have that beautiful glow on your face & you’re happy because you’re about to be a mother.

This time is priceless!

So, why not make it count?

A lot of pregnant women tend to use pregnancy as an excuse to not dress or even go out. But honestly, your pregnancy should not matter when it comes to dressing in style. There are plenty of options on Socialeras clothing that you can rock your pregnancy!

So without wasting any time let’s get right into it! Shall we hot-mama?

Noodle strap dress with a hat

Every woman loves a little black dress, right? So why not wear it during your pregnancy. Put on a nice black noodle strap dress and top it up with a nice hat to protect you and little baby from the sun. Throw some wedges along with it, if you’re comfortable with wearing it or you can always rely on a cute pair of converse.

A bohemian dress

Boho or boho chic dresses by definition mean free and flowy clothing. Because bohemian dresses are made from comfortable and flowy fabrics and also sport a cool and comfortable vibe, they are meant for moms to be. Socialeras fashion has a lot of nice boho dresses that can be your go-to dress in your time of pregnancy.

A jumpsuit

I think pregnant women and jumpsuits go hand in hand. They’re perfect as they firmly hold your belly, which can give you a feeling of security and you can also stay in style. Throw on your jumpsuit with a sassy top to contrast your jumpsuit. Wear comfortable footwear and rock the day!

Strapless maxi dress

Maxi is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing humanity has discovered. It is perfect if you’re going out for a party or maybe a pregnancy photo shoot? Whatever may the case be, a light color strapless maxi with a vibrant necklace and that beautiful baby bump can be an adorable sight.

Long top and shorts

Who doesn’t like shorts, right? It is the perfect casual wear for a hot summer. And when you’re pregnant, it is hassle-free to put on quickly. A lot of the women do complain about wearing shorts during pregnancy but don’t worry you can get exclusive pregnancy shorts which are stretchable. Another reason to shop maybe? Just put on comfortable shorts and top with an asymmetrical long top. Sport your comfy converse and voila!

You can get a lot of the mentioned outfits on socialeras online shopping. It’s the perfect stop for women to jazz up their wardrobe as well as stay in touch with the ever-changing trend. Hope these outfit ideas can help you rock your pregnancy with comfort and style.


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