The changes in the art of journalism


The art or journalism has moved to new levels. Most information and news were in the past received local news publication or maybe for those wouldn’t have accessed the newspaper will wait to watch the evening news. This has greatly changed as there are many different sources nowadays you can receive information from. This is a time you can watch the news as it’s happening. But what has made this to happen? It is due to the invention of the Internet. The whole art has changed on the way they make responses. The journalists have now been urged to be the first people to break the story instead of spending the time to do fact checking.


This is just an act of gathering, creating, assessing and way of presenting information and of course news. This art is actually the product of every kind of news article you read online, every news station we do watch and every newspaper you read. This art is meant to put the public high above everything. Journalism employs particular methods to collect and do information assessment. Journalists are recommended to always keep checking all they plan to report to ensure that they provide people with accurate and verified information.


The rise of data journalism is another side effect of the amount of data we receive and the Internet. What is data journalism? Is just the use of data and number crunching to better explain, uncover or come out with context to a certain news storyline. Data is simply a tool that is used by journalists to both give out a story and tell more about the source upon where the story has been based from. This involves the use of infographics, charts, and statistics.

We have seen the importance of data journalism as anyone in this era can be a journalist by just having a social media account and a smartphone. Different sources are there to provide us with more information on social media, videos, and blogs as of how everything is happening. Data journalism’s main objective is to be a source of providing storyline context and also provide a clear explanation of what might be happening.


With the invention of the open web, we have seen a change to almost everything. For instant with the case of how we consume data, it will never ever be the same whatsoever. This is totally different as in the past days, data was to come in a complete fixed form. Information is everywhere for people to consume anytime. All that is needed in this era is reaching your pocket and just do a quick search of what you need.

With all these inventions, journalists have been led to a lot of challenges as they are no more the specialists in this industry. Who are the new experts then? The readers have taken it. They may be smarter and even well informed than the journalists.


Something still seems to be missing even with these new inventions. We are now fed up with news any time we need, journalists are working to push us with events as they happen, we now have limitless choices of the place we will stay to consume news. But then, we are missing one thing and that is time. Journalists lack time to become engrossed deeply in the stories they give us, they need to be quite fast and first. They lack time to ponder and learn what they give us.

An art that is slowly ending is true investigative journalism. This is actually due to many reasons. One of it is lack of money to venture into it as arts like this need to take time to be accomplished and this, in turn, attracts a lot of money.


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