The Reason is “Corona Virus” About ‘No chance’ F1 2020 Australian Grand Prix Will Ban For Racing Fan Safety facts


If you are waiting to watch The Australian Grand Prix 2020 Live Stream race, you need to know from F1 leader who says that “the Sunday race could not take place behind closed doors due to Coronavirus spread”.

Obviously this will be a big risk for the F1 sports FAN to save their health condition in these crowded places. So F1 authority takes this initiative for all fans on time. This 15th March will be held this F1 Grand Prix in Australia.

ADVERT BEFORE A SUPPORTER & GO AD-FREE Yesterday the promoters of Grand Prix Bahrain revealed their event, to go ahead without fans present, a week later than Melbourne.

Due to the continued dissemination of Covid-19 worldwide, it wouldn’t be the best thing to do now if a big sporting event were to be held and is widely accessible to thousands of foreign travelers and local fans.

CEO Andrew Westacott declined to take the same measure in Albert Park in Australia. 102,000 spectators participated in the race last year; Westacott saw similar numbers yesterday in Melbourne Cricket Ground.

He has told SEN that the fans could be omitted “not a chance” from next week’s run.



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